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One of the big trends in the new kids' fashion collections for the AW21 is undoubtedly Bellevie! The children's collections are filled with cheerful mood prints, cozy corduroy, and simple shapes this winter. And the brands have chosen items like playful overalls, comfortable sweaters, and cozy coats that match the feeling that we need a soft cocoon and add a very sensory experience.

During the Playtime show in February 21, we had the opportunity to welcome the Fashion Snoops team who brilliantly introduced us to AW21/22 key seasonal narratives and trends in the children's fashion market and explained how these narratives translate into real clothes or accessories for kids.

So let's see how Fashion Snoops illustrates these Bellevie trends in terms of moods, color palettes, graphics, and key items.

And after this reading, if you want to go further...

Read about the second narrative - Homage

This season, the narratives are connected to Goodness and Amend, read more about them here.

So let us take you to the first narrative: Bellevie

Examining the beauty in the imperfections, BELLEVIE softens the edges of our world as we move towards conscious yet cheerful consumption. Buoyed by a room filled with thoughtfully glass blown vases and delightfully retro shag carpeting, our young optimists greet every day as a new opportunity to purposefully create. Focusing on the feeling, expect a collection filled with cheerful mod prints, cozy corduroys, and simple shapes. The items - playful overalls, cozy sweaters, and comfortable coats - are familiar and approachable while elevated with clever details and sunkissed colors.

How does this validate our current reality?

Bellevie is a relentlessly optimistic story, it is a trait that we have seen throughout the pandemic, people are constantly trying to do better to improve so by filling the collection with playful and tactile elements, space has been offered to encourage creativity. Finding comfort in curated mini maximalism - an appreciation for maximum without suffocating us. These materials are creating a soft cocoon and adding a very sensory experience to what we wear.

This season’s color palette is very bright and still maintains a retro flair, beautiful soft pastels in the middle, and fantastic burnt orange at the top that adds the 70s touch to it.

Let's explore the Current Trends for this season, shall we?

1) Patterns & Graphics

Kitsch Floral - Adds a wonderful feeling of nostalgia, looking to the 90s you can almost see these blooms coming to life, and these funky color mixes, hand-drawn almost childlike design.

Freestyle Repeats - Abstract shapes are super key here, this has a scatter vibe, all these abstract shoes are coming together to create amazing confetti, vibrant repetition of classifications and it is a gender-neutral print.

Saturated Stripes - they are offering a deeper experience, they are imperfect, they pull from the rainbow and create these wonderful designs.

Icons - these icons are playful, optimistic, and full of whimsical nostalgia. Lines are more abstract construction of creative intention with loopy florals and luted rainbow brings an impact of joy.

2) Key Items

Girls Key Items

Jumpsuit sets- with soft fabrics that invigorate these sets, are paired with colorful turtlenecks, the must-have materials here are corduroy and velvet.

Wide-legged trousers- ultra-comfy with very soft materials which are corduroy and velvet, they can be updated by paper bag waist with raw edges, patch pockets give it more down to earth feel, perfect to bring in to the warmer season.

Cozy cocoon coat- this has the perfect mix of everything, it has a bit retro vibe with modern touches, they're in velvet or soft teddy bear fur and adding a whimsical touch with oversized buttons.

Boys Key Items

Soft sweater- - a definite must-have with patches, open knits that give tactile essence.

The Camp shirt- - A back to school item, gives a 70s feel with textures, wooden buttons.

Easy overalls- - a classic, easier to put on, pair it with a soft sweater, looks very comfortable

The boy version of the cozy coats- a bit oversized, a lucid silhouettes

3) Footwear & Accessories


Quirky details, Parisien vibe, neckerchief, beret


a playful conversation, fabric mixing, and back to school, a lot of tactile elements, color blocking.

4) Home icons

Super cheerful, a rising sun; a playful star, rainbow - they really elevate the retro palette.


Each of the seasonal narratives contains an influence page and this is for your future research, so there is Helle Mardahl - an artist who creates this beautiful confessionary like glass pieces then there is this designer the middle daughter - her pieces are very bold and playful and finally there is this architect and designer India Mahdavi she is known for sketches, collaborated with Monoprix.

Don't forget to look at the new collection on the Playtime marketplace to see how they manifested these sentiments and introduced them in the new collection for AW21.

Thanks to Fashionsnoops for these wonderful insights on Kids Seasonal Narratives for the new fashion season FW21 and upcoming trends.