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A new pro-activism approach in kid's fashion

One of the strong kids narratives this next winter is, as Fashion Snoops named it, Homage.

HOMAGE focuses on the evolution of our cultures. As our lives become increasingly global, we center on the threads of our past as they weave together to create our futures.

And who is best positioned to be proactive and create the future?

In the aw21 children’s fashion collections strong messages display a worded proclamation with the minimalistic fonts and direct graphic prints evoking a poignant impression. Human rights come first and foremost throughout the proactive statements, urging activism that starts from within and rethinks cultural idealisms. A deep sense of belonging issues the typographical identities as means to take action through printed conversation. An angered tone has been replaced by an actionable, positive and optimistic approach.

Imagine what a world will be like when there will be no discrimination, no racism, no body shaming, no plastics. Sounds awesome right? So let’s all together start making the conscious choices right when the kids are born by dressing them in order to keep in mind the impact it will have on them.

We have lined up for you the several brands who are standing out and doesn’t afraid to speak up:

Self Esteem & Girl Power
Planet Saver
Freedom & Revolution

On the Playtime marketplace, you will be pleased to find conscious kids' fashion brands and more pieces that prove pro activism can start as a child!