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Tresxics new shelf "Nursery"

Every parent knows how important it is to have everything at hand at certain moments, especially when you have a baby that you can’t leave alone while you are busy looking for things.

The most organized parents will prepare the baby’s essentials in advance, probably while the little one is sleeping, such as underwear, socks and outfit for the next day, making them feel more relaxed. At least they don’t come back to a messy-looking room with clothes squattered on the floor and furniture that they didn’t have time folding and putting back after pulling out different things in the last minute..

Zen and design conscious parents will therefore love Tresxics newly designed shelf named “Nursery”. Let’s take a sneak peek!

Part of the appeal of the shelf is that it is simultaneously neat and modern, whilst being just the right size. Made out of white lacquered steel and natural beech wood, each shelf comes with a set of clothes hangers in a graceful wing shaped design.

The functional and simple, yet visually interesting designs, makes the Tresxics products so easy to integrate in any nursery or kid’s room. Susana Enrich, the Founder and Designer, has always responded to children’s instincts by employing a fun creative style whilst bringing a distinctive contemporary unity to all her designs. We love how the brand evolves year by year with new designs, improving at every level but never comprising on quality or ethical values.

The brand is back at Playtime now in January so don’t miss out planning a visit to their stall C13!

Make sure you set aside enough time though, so you can also discover the other novelties of the brand such as the new long train wall hook, the new oil blue colour for the hangers and of course their extensive permanent collection of wall decals, pegs and other creative products.


Tresxics new shelf "Nursery"