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Trend Series - Greener Pastures

While the days start getting lighter and the nights a little bit small
A new horizon is on its way, can you hear the spring’s call?

With winter coming to an end, the stores will soon start stocking up on the new spring summer collection. We welcome this season with our first trend of SS20 – Greener Pastures.

With two months into the new decade, our collective aim is to build a sustainable future. Our first trend, Greener Pastures, talks about moving to a better place or a more promising situation. It’s about cultivating strong relationships and understanding each other; building a peaceful society free from conflict and sadness caused by wars.

The trend focuses on clothing made from natural materials with a comfortable fit. With a colour palette of shades of green and yellow, pastel pinks and powder blues, and rustic beige and pure white, the collections celebrate the journey of travelling to a new, more promising world.


Búho’s SS20 collection, Natureland, takes us on a visual journey of lazy, playful summer days where cosy afternoons are spent under the dancing shadows of the oldest oaks or the largest weeping willows. The organic pieces are perfect for running in endless fields chasing sunsets and leaving behind a world full of worries.

Instagram: @buho_barcelona

lilli & leopold

The loosely woven fabric is an absolute win for the hottest days of this season. The airy frocks and linen clothing ensure evaporation of unwanted moisture while the Peter Pan collars take the kids on adventures with the modern day Wendy and Captain Hook. The comfortable fit of the playsuits is ideal for all the dancing innovations for all kinds of summer picnics.

Instagram: @lilli.leopold

my little cozmo

Fit for a modern lifestyle, My Little Cozmo's casual yet unique patterns are refreshing in a sea of over-the-top designs. The simplicity of the pieces lends it an in-vogue air and ensures the garments remain fashion forward. The first grade materials such as organic cotton are a perfect choice for the oncoming summer. It's time to embrace the country girl within you, wild and carefree but delicate and stylish.

Instagram: @mylittlecozmo

the new society

The Capture of the Senses talks about a new universe that connects nature and beauty through a language of rituals and sensations that only children know of. The New Society brings forth a peaceful land of flowers blooming to soft musical notes, where the land is our home and the sun keeps us warm.

the simple folk

Inspired by the abundant possibilities and enchanted adventures of the deliciously long, full and warm days, the collection reminds us of opening the windows of our hearts and minds wide open as we welcome the sunshine and the vibrant life it brings along with it. ‘Along with nature, we too are ready to bloom.’

Instagram: @thesimplefolkco
Chasing a more sustainable future one collection at a time