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Tokyo with Abi... 3 brands to follow

A little bit of sun, one last time, before winter comes: three Playtime Tokyo brands you must follow.

CocoMoon – Whimsical Hawaii

As Aloha means Hello, CocoMoon means paradise in the baby world. No wonder is this brand based on Hawaii. It’s as young as a toddler, already reaching a worldwide popularity.
Amber, the founder of CocoMoon, lays high importance to the babies first experience of what is to become fashion, to me as soft and natural as possible for a smooth entrance into the world. The brands swaddles made of muslin, to the cutest collection of rompers in natural cotton.
The prints bring us right to the centre of the island of paradise with all over prints of pineapples, rainbows, shells and turtles. Also representing the surfers lifestyle with their newest print of a vintage VW van making surfers and their babes as happy as can be. CocoMoon muslin blankets make great first gifts for the baby and the new mums. They can be used as swaddles, stroller blankets, nappy blanket, an airy breast feeding towel or a scarf for mum. Another remarkable point of this brand is the use of recycled biodegradable wrapping.
The future is green with CocoMoon and the present an enjoyable adventure.
Instagram @coco_moon_hawaii

Phi clothing – Bows and ribbons

If you like the wonderful world of ruffles, lace, checks and bloomers, this Portuguese baby, kids and ladies brand offers all you need. Just looking a the collection makes you want to see a little babe running around in one of their adorable puffy bloomers and do a little squirl.

Phi clothing is an absolute must have for all pink baby showers and special occasions. With matching outfits for mum, this high quality summery brand makes every day feel like a special day. Easy to wear, stylish and luxurious, Phi clothing is entirely made in Portugal assuring high quality finishing touches.
The newest collection theme for summer 2018 is all about resort life. Perfect for a trip to the Atlantic balnear resort in Praia da Adraga, where turquoise water and white spume go well with Phi’s clothing ruffles and bows. Time to collect memories.
Instagram @phiclothing

Shadez – Let the sun shine down

As sensitive as we are to the sun, are our little ones too, if not more. On top of the sun. Studies suggest that 60% of people spend more than 6 hours a day in front of a digital device. Keeping the kids eyes protected for sun, UV rays and blue ray exposure is every modern parents concern.
As hard as it is to find comfortable, stylish and high quality, toxin free sunglasses, we have just discovered this cool brand for you. Shadez, is designed in Switzerland, manufactured in Taiwan, made for babies (0-3yrs) and kids (3-7yrs). The only kids sunglasses with this quality eye protection from all the nasty lights from tablets, I-phones and computers, the youngest are exposed to on daily basis. An amazing rainbow colour range of sunglasses, making it hard to choose from. You might as well buy two or more.
The frames are 100% UVA/UVB protection safe and BPA Free. The Shadez eyewear are ideal for gaming. Clinically proven to reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes, watery eyes and blurred vision. Filtering out the harmful effect of blue light which disrupts sleep patterns, can cause blurry vision, give headache and may cause vision deterioration.
Got to get these stocked up for the 21st century kids!
Instagram @shadez.sunglasses


left to right: Phi Clothing, Coco Moon Hawaii and Shadez