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3 Tips for Managing Instagram Influencers

That Instagram is an important part of your fashion brand’s marketing mix would be the most obvious understatement of the century. Even as the platform has matured into a no-free-rides space since the introduction of native ads and anachronistic algorithms, the ‘gram continues to wield enormous influence on consumers and brands alike. When it comes to partnering with Instagram influencers, keeping these three points in mind will help you develop a successful relationship that supports your business goals.

Anelia for @anelia_a

1 . Be realistic about the ability of influencers to achieve your business or marketing goals. This sounds obvious, but as a consultant, I see this mistake all the time. Using Instagram influencers does not always convert into actual sales—but any influencer campaign should achieve greater visibility and generate authentic content for your brand. Choose influencers that represent the lifestyle of your ideal customer and don’t be blinded by the number of followers! Micro-influencers can be very effective, and in the age of spam bots and bought followers, the number and quality of comments per post can be an indication of the overall health of an influencer account.

Tage for @fiveladiesandbeau

2 . Have clear expectations for the Instagram influencer—and put it in writing. A complicated contract full of legalese is unnecessary but a straightforward letter of agreement can make mutual expectations crystal clear. Your agreement should be SMART—specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time oriented.
Things to include in your agreement would include: the number of photos delivered, the frequency and timing (if applicable) of posts, the product exchanged, the fee (if applicable), and any critical info, such as a promotional codes and launch dates. And please, keep things professional; it’s fine to reach out to influencers via DM but once a relationship is established, swiftly move your conversations to email.

From left to right : Mia for @blossomkind, Sophie for @littlemisssophiecloset, Jace for @gaylinnicole

3 . Keep it transparent. In the United States, the government is starting to crack down on sponsored posts—while the focus is on big brands like Kim Kardashian and Chiara Ferragni, the standard is being set for compliance for all. Influencers receiving free merchandise or money or both in exchange for Instagram posts should use a relevant hashtag to make the partnership clear. Some popular options include #ad #sponsored #thanksBRANDNAME. As a brand, you can encourage your Instagram influencers to comply with this rule of thumb and know you are doing the right thing.

On the left : Wynn for @wynns_world / On the right : Gianna for @gbeloved

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Your agreement should be SMART—specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time oriented
Romaine Coonghe, Junior Style editor