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There is no planet B

As we face complex environmental challenges, a major part of reshaping the future lies in the hands of our kids. While sustainability touches all aspects of our lives, our young generation is ready to take on the responsibility to tackle climate change and pave the way to a better tomorrow.

Lemon Magazine takes us on a journey where our kids play an influential role in saving the blue planet from overconsumption of resources. In this editorial photo-shoot by Lemon, let's take a look as our kids stand strong together.

Salvar o mundo não é uma tendência.
É uma obrigação e as crianças começam a levar a missão muito
a sério. Esta é a geração que tem
nas mãos o futuro do planeta.
E está pronta para o desafio

Saving the world is not a trend.
It is an obligation and the children have begun carrying
out the mission very seriously.
This generation carries the future
of the planet in their hands and
is ready for this challenge

  • Photography and art director ERIKA VERGINELLI
  • Concept and styling ANNAH SEGARRA assisted by JON ROZ
  • Hair and Makeup SARA NAVARRO
  • Chloe, Luc, Max and Ella Models - SUGAR KIDS
  • Photo assistant JANE GONZALEZ

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