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The Wardrobe Project by Scimparello Magazine

With a mission to discover new kids fashion trends through excellent photography and gorgeous illustrations, Scimparello magazine is for those who never stop growing. Bringing a whole new perspective to the innocent world of childhood, Scimparello uncovers new brands through detailed graphics and beautiful images.

The founder and editor of the online magazine Scimparello, Petra Barkhof, and her fashion editor Francesca Bisceglia, have curated the “Emma and Gabriel’s Wardrobe” project for Playtime. From a selection of a wide range of brands from the Playtime B2B Marketplace, this project gives voice to the fashion choices of SS21 of these two lively characters.

Illustrations of Emma and Gabriel by Elsa Dray-Farges

Emma’s Wardrobe by Scimparello Magazine

Here we have Emma, who spent hours browsing through the Playtime B2B Marketplace to choose her Spring/Summer outfit.
Emma describes her outfit as follows:

"The Playtime B2B Marketplace is like a never-ending wardrobe (every little girl's dream!). After perusing collections after collections, I finally found the perfect Spring/Summer outfit.

With the playful banana print, the Bonmot sweatshirt is 100% organic, and oh, so soft! The denim blouse from Buho is absolutely gorgeous with its feminine round collar and high-quality material. The delicate whale necklace, also from Buho, adds a glamorous touch to the outfit. But be careful if you have younger sisters, they will surely try to steal it!

Inspired by underwater exploration, the paneled skirt of Jellymade has a natural rustic texture for that extra depth to my outfit. Made from safe raw materials, the colorful galoshes from Kaloszepoprosze make sure that neither the sun nor the rain can dampen my spirits.

The cute tote from The Middle Daughter has a floral print developed exclusively by the brand, and brings with it a fresh, fun element. The wallet bag from Sticky Lemon is super versatile and can be worn in three different ways. And last but not the least, my quirky sunglasses from Sons + Daughters give me 100% UV protection and are made from the finest hand-made materials for that extra little something!

Et voilà, that's me standing in front of a fun colorful pattern made by Bla&Co. Print Design "

Gabriel’s Wardrobe by Scimparello Magazine

Here we have Gabriel, who unlike Emma, knew what he wanted and dove headfirst into the Playtime B2B Marketplace to choose his Spring/Summer outfit.
Gabriel describes his outfit as follows:

"I started thinking about my perfect outfit back when Emma first showed me the Playtime B2B Marketplace. And here I am now, ready to compete with her for the best Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Mipounet's sleeveless jersey t-shirt layered on top of the Wander & Wonder shirt focuses on the right mix of my artsy and free-spirited personality. The checkered yellow and burgundy trousers by Coco Au Lait are a perfect example of a laid-back style that inevitably comes with summer.

My galoshes, like Emma's, are from Kaloszepoprosze and are super comfortable for every fickle summer weather. With this bag from Dulis Shoes, I know I'm always ready to enter any and all adventures. And of course, how can I leave without my sunglasses from Sons + Daughters. As Emma said, they give you 100% UV protection, and what else can you ask for for the bright sunny days!

Oh, and how can I forget the wonderful background pattern by Bla&Co. Print Design. Their artistic sensitivity leans towards sustainable practices throughout the printing process, so you know you're getting the best without any harmful environmental effects. "

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