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The Shelfie phenomenon on Instagram

If you are a lover of kids’ interiors, then you certainly came across the star of our today’s feature on one of your latest internet travels.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, let us introduce you to his majesty - SHELFIE! The shelfie phenomenon is taking Instagram by the storm and we are loving every second of it. But how it came to be and why are we so mesmerised by it?
Let’s find out and, along the way, learn some tricks to help you master this trendiest of crafts.

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Birth of Shelfie

Back in 2013, selfies were the hottest social media craze, but after seeing all these faces grinning at us, we had enough. We needed to see beyond the pretty smile and discover their thoughts, interests and passions. It all started with sharing artfully styled photos of people’s favourite book collections and then it exploded!

A simple snapshot of a shelf styled with someone’s most treasured goodies says much more about the person then a self-portrait could ever do, and that’s why so many people got hooked on it. Millennial mums wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t find the way to show their creativity even on the kid’s room open shelving. The brands soon jumped on the bandwagon and started advertising their kids’ room decor using a shelfie.

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How to become the Shelfie Ninja?

Coming up with the perfect Instagram-worthy shelfie can be rather difficult and requires some practice, but with the right guidance you will be showing off your open shelving displays in no time.
First, you need to choose the shelf. This may sound trivial, but with all the goodies out there, this step can easily become overwhelming. You may choose to go with a classic approach and use a simple floating ledge as a backdrop for the styling, or you can go crazy with most unique shapes that would double as decor.

Fabulous shelfies are possible on any surface, but having an unusual one will put you one step ahead. Some of the most playful ideas to consider are moons, cameras and houses. And the shelf in the shape of a Pacman must be the wildest guess.

Kids interior Blog post "Stylish shelves in kids rooms"
Kids interior Blog post "Stylish shelves in kids rooms"

So, the stage is set and now is the time to find the stars for your little decorating show. It is much simpler than it seems. Shelfies are really just a vignette, a bunch of your kid’s cherished trinkets, mixed and matched to create little “scenes” on the walls. To master the shelfie vignette, you should avoid keeping similar items together. Combine books with gorgeous covers with toys and prints.

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Garlands suspended above the changing table make a beautiful focal point and a much- needed distraction for changing the nappies but can be dangerous if not placed high enough.

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A clothing rail is probably one of the most useful updates to a simple shelf you could make. This hack can easily be done by yourself. Handpicked clothes in appropriate colours will serve as a fabulous styling workhorse, but to stay on the safe side make sure not to place them above the crib.

Kids Interiors Blog post "Lila Rose's cute pastel nursery with graphic details"

The best thing about shelfies is how easily they can be updated. You don’t need to spend any money to freshen up your kid’s room. You can play with what you already have and restyle as often as you like. There are no strict rules to follow, so don’t be afraid to experiment. And the best part is that you can turn it into a game and play with your child.
As long as you had fun and results look good to you, share them with the world.


Shelfie by @@annkatrinscrochet
Fabulous shelfies are possible on any surface, but having an unusual one will put you one step ahead.
Kristine Mc Veigh, founder of Kids Interiors and contributor for the Playtime Gazette