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The magic of creating stories with Lunii

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Janet Jacobs, the editor-in-chief, speaks with Lunii about their fantastic adventures with "My Fabulous Storyteller", a simpler lifestyle, and the pure magic of a child's imagination.

A French company has created a unique interactive toy that encourages children to craft their own stories and stretch their imaginations. With families now spending more time together than ever, Lunii is particularly suited to engage everyone in a new way that is productive, creative, and fun for all.

Lunii gives children the experience of creating their own stories, giving them the option to choose the character's name and many other aspects of the story line. There are 48 stories included in each toy, with 12 additional stories available to download at no extra cost. With a capacity to hold up more than 100 albums of different languages at the same time, kids can simultaneously improve their vocabulary, learn new languages, relax, and enjoy.

"My Fabulous Storyteller” by Lunii is indeed a very artistically designed product featuring rounded edges and super clean lines that sooth with a visual, tactile, and aural appeal bound to please both kids and adults. Its low-tech, emission-free aspect creates an eco-friendly, screen-less alternative to phones and computers. These features are especially important during our current times because they correlate with the pandemic produced trend of simpler play that relies on the child's imagination.

Lunii was started four years ago by a group of friends who came out of design school together. Their goal was to help children expand their creativity and imagination by developing an innovative brand for kids. They were able to create a brand that not only helped reduce kid’s screen time but that was also designed beautifully.

"What really attracted me to Lunii was that the design of the product is aesthetically beautiful," says Thibault Decker, the company’s General Manager in North America. "The retro design looks something like a ‘Walkman’ and it's easy to carry around, to museums or anywhere."

Thibault brings a particularly relevant experience to the project. Five years ago, he co-founded a global non-profit organization called Street Art for Mankind. This New York based project raises awareness and funds to stop child trafficking through art by producing and inspiring murals, exhibitions, and performances with prominent street artists around the world. Street Art for Mankind strives to create true social change by connecting United Nations diplomats, ambassadors, and artists with the general public.

Alix Schreiner, Head of Sales and Product Development, is also attuned to the visual beauty of Lunii's designs. You can see this in the captivating visuals of the company's promotional photos and product packaging. But aesthetics isn’t the only aspect of Lunii's appeal.

"We're in a period now where people are revisiting their values," Thibault says. "We're encouraging kids to become dynamic, and to discover a bit of the world. It's a good way to spend time with your kids, and it's a real moment of engagement when the finished story comes out."

Lunii is already a huge success in Europe, enjoying its first-place position on Amazon, and being among the top five of all toys sold in France. "We personally think it's even more of an American concept than European. We are working with national retailers, schools, Amazon and other on-line marketplaces. We are actually closer to a lifestyle -- it truly is all about how we live and interact," both Thibault and Alix agree. "We're investing to make sure people understand who we are, what our values are. Be prepared to see us make a huge buzz!"

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