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The Joys of Swinging in a Kid's Room
Solvej Swings

All kids love to swing, there is no doubt about that. Just imagine any park, anywhere in the world, where all the children run to use the swings first, girls and boys alike.

As days get shorter and darker, why not consider bringing some of the playground fun indoors? The views might not be the same as in the park, but what kids love the most is the swinging itself.

Not only is it fun, but swinging actually has some interesting health benefits that maybe you weren’t aware of. These include developing balance, coordination and confidence.

For the very little ones, it also helps with eye development as the baby is constantly moving back and forth thus changing the depth of focus. A gentle swing will also calm and relax the baby.
This might sound very convincing, but whatever you do, don’t rush hanging just any swing or rope from the kid’s room ceiling. Safety should be top of your mind, so take your time choosing the right swing with proper safety standards and quality.

A good start would be to check out the Solvej Swings as they have all passed the US, Canadian, CE, Australian and New Zealand safety standards. The company also gives you some precious advice on technical aspects, such and how and where to hang them.

Furthermore, the brand uses only the best quality materials ; acrylic canvas which is root-proof and wood from sustainable sources. Each swing comes with a nine year warranty which is pretty reassuring too. Today, one of the founders of the brand, Jenny Etherington, kindly answered some of our questions.

Tell us a little bit more about your brand. Why did you choose to specialize in swings?

We live in a small village and wanted to be self-employed and provide employment for others in the village. We started making outdoor furniture from outdoor furniture canvas and wood. When our daughter Solvej was 6 months old we discovered she loved swinging but the only available swings on the market were plastic.

So using the materials at hand we made the first Solvej Baby Toddler Swing and took it to a home show where we were exhibiting. The swing was instantly popular and we saw there was a gap in the market to pursue.

Why do you think parents should consider having an indoor-swing for their child at home?

Children never get tired of swinging. A swing hanging indoors will be used daily by children. It enhances one's mood whether it be to relax or to have fun. Over winter it is great entertainment and keeps babies and toddlers at eye level so they can feel close to mum or dad, giving hand free entertainment. Swinging also has developmental benefits, so it is a very versatile piece of equipment.

Which swings are the most popular – for babies, toddlers or younger children?

The Solvej Baby Toddler Swing is our most popular swing as it can be used from ages 6 months to 6 years, indoor and outdoors.

Where do you source your materials?

We manufacture our swings ourselves so we try to source as many of the materials as possible locally. New Zealand is a small country though so we must bring in some materials from outside. The stainless fittings we purchase from China and Australia. The canvas, which is a specialty product, comes from the USA.

What are your plans for the future?

More happy children and adults by spreading the joys of swinging. We are also very excited about 2 new "indoor only" swings to be introduced next year and are currently working on some accessories for the baby toddler swings.


Solvej Swings white merino
A swing hanging indoors will be used daily by children. It enhances one's mood whether it be to relax or to have fun.
Jenny Etherington, Solvej Swings founder