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The best statement pieces for fashionistas!

Halloween is over, which means the holiday season has just begun! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day will all be here before we know it! It’s time to start getting all the items kids need this season to transition from autumn to winter in style! Ruffles, velvet, and a more formal tone are what stores should have in stock to get kids ready to dress up and celebrate!

Here on the Playtime Marketplace, we have curated a selection of the season’s must-haves for all the trendy fashionistas out there! This selection of statement pieces is perfect for standing out at holiday parties and expressing individual style. From dresses to separates, we have what your store needs to enhance wardrobes and inspire holiday cheer!

Let’s take a look at the trendy items for this holiday season!


This ruffle bottom snowflake skirt from Poupée is a great piece to wear all winter long! The neutral shade allows it to pair well with any color, while the ruffles and text add interesting design details that make it a unique piece. Kids will especially love the shimmery top layer of tulle, which will make them look like freshly fallen snow! Pair this skirt with a cozy sweater and sneakers as styled by Poupée, or substitute those with a black turtleneck and boots for an edgier look! This skirt is trendy yet versatile!
Check out this Poupée skirt that’s as unique as a snowflake!


The Campamento has made emerald green even more luxurious with the use of velvet for this dress! Kids will feel like a gem when wearing it, and look as great as one too! Whether going to a party or a play, this dress is perfect for any occasion. Featuring ruffles everywhere, this dress stands out as a unique piece whether paired with boots or dress shoes. Fashionistas will love the comfort and style this dress offers!
Find this gem with immediate delivery on The Campamento’s store in the Playtime Marketplace!


This By-Bar Amsterdam blouse makes dressing up more fun for kids, as it is more than your typical button down shirt! The exciting print and relaxed fit will leave them free to move around, while still being stylish. The print resembles a bleach tie-dye, giving an edgy element to a feminine silhouette. This blouse pairs well with the matching skirt and loafers, or with black trousers for a more casual style. This piece will add variation to any trend-focused kid’s wardrobe, offering a fun print that is neutral enough to mix and match!
Discover By-Bar Amsterdam and this exciting blouse for immediate delivery here!


How cute is this velvet round cut shirt from Bella + Frank? In mustard yellow with purple and green floral details, this top will add pops of color to holiday parties! Whether styled with the matching trousers, as Bella + Frank shows it, or with a solid color pant, this top is sure to inspire exciting outfits! The soft material permits comfort to go hand-in-hand with style. Trendy kids will love this longline shirt and want to wear it throughout the transition of fall to winter!
Explore the world of Bella + Frank and find this stylish shirt available for immediate delivery at their store in the Playtime Marketplace!


Take the classic sweater dress and make it even cuter by adding an adorable panda bear! There's no better way to bundle up than this dress from Infantium Victoria, which is the perfect blend of sophistication and fun for all the trendy tweens out there! The deep red invokes maturity, while the panda adds an element of excitement and playfulness. Paired with tall boots, tights, and simple accessories, this dress is perfect for all the coming occasions! With the weather getting colder, it's time to wrap your kids up in this cozy sweater dress!
Tap into your wild side and find this immediate delivery Infantium Victoria’s panda sweater dress here!


Bring some spring to holiday parties this season, with Tago’s lily pattern skirt! The muted purples and yellows on a gray background make this skirt perfect for the cooling weather. It pairs well with combat boots and a long-sleeve, and adds a bit of sunshine to these cooler months! The drawstring makes this skirt easy for kids to wear and adds an element of activewear. Kids will love the comfort and ease with which they can move in this skirt, while still looking great!
Pick up this floral skirt with immediate delivery at Tago’s Playtime Marketplace store!

How will you be dressing your trendy fashionistas this holiday season?