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Scandinavian brands to stock up on this winter

Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle brands are all about two things - Innovation and sustainability! From teething toys to exciting collections, these Scandinavian brands are specialists that seek to develop lasting products that create positive impacts on kids and the planet. Even better, all these brands are available for immediate delivery on the Playtime Marketplace!

Explore our selection of Scandinavian brands below!

NATRUBA (Denmark)

Teething is such an important step in baby development, and one that requires safe products! That is why Danish brand Natruba uses natural rubber for all of their teethers and bath toys. Natural rubber is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, hygienic, and biodegradable, meaning it is good for babies and kind to our planet! But just because these toys are safe and sustainable doesn’t mean they are dull! Natruba strives to explore new shapes, textures, and functionality when developing their products. Make teething less of a pain for babies and bath time even more fun with these amazing products!
Immediate deliveries are available from Natruba here on the Playtime Marketplace!

LALABY (Denmark)

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s, Lalaby provides baby and kid’s clothing that is meant to stay stylish forever! The aesthetic is classic, whether plaid or plain these clothes will delight kids and parents alike. Made with 100% cashmere, GOTS-certified organic cotton, and oeko-tex wool, these garments will feel as great as they look! The colors they use are as warm and comforting as the materials they are made from, with warm browns, pale pinks, and cozy creams. Lalaby makes it their mission to produce clothing sustainably, intending for it to have a long life through the materials they use and the styles they produce. These eternally cute pieces are great for bundling kids up in style!
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POP & CO (Finland)

Let imagination run wild with the fun and colorful prints offered by Pop & Co! Kids will love the flora and fauna featured in their collections, and the materials will please parents! With all the washing and wearing kid's clothing endures, Pop & Co carefully selects their fabrics so that their clothes don’t just last a few seasons, but are able to be passed down! This Finnish brand recognizes the importance of sustainability and ethical practices, which is why they audit their factories themselves each time they produce a new collection. Pop & Co makes conscious products that are colorful and fun for every season!
Find their collections available for immediate delivery here!


Discover the simplicity and beauty of Nordic design through kid's toys and accessories made by Patti Oslo! All their products are crocheted and embroidered by hand with GOTS-certified organic cotton that is naturally dyed, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. They are filled with eco-friendly polyester fibers. These simple and comforting toys and accessories are designed in Oslo, then tested by babies and moms to see if they function well. After that, they are produced in Turkey through a women empowerment project. These creations will be loved by kids, and provide a powerful impact to the women who hand-make them!
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SMÅFOLK (Denmark)

With four collections per year, Småfolk strives to deliver happy colors and great quality to the children of the world! They design their collections with the intent that they can be mixed and matched between seasons, so that old and new merge into exciting, fresh outfits! This reduces waste while preventing personal style from getting stagnant. Kids will love the different motifs offered by Småfolk, from plants to animals and all in vibrant colors, they are far from boring! Parents will love that the collections go well together and last a long time. Exciting patterns and comfortable fits, in nothing but the best materials - this is what you get from Småfolk!
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KAKA (Finland)

Designed and responsibly produced in Finland, Kaka has cultivated its own personal style, called Afropunk Chic! This style combines the minimalistic lines of Scandinavian street style with African art, by using hand painted patterns and interesting color combinations paired with streetwear silhouettes. Their clothing is largely gender neutral, and can be worn oversized or fitted according to personal taste! This brand is timeless via its shapes, yet forward thinking with its unique style. To make it even better, Kaka uses GOTS-certified organic materials to create products that last a long time! Kaka is a must-have brand for any store!
Kaka collections are available for immediate delivery - shipped to you within 24 hours from confirmation!

MAROOMS (Denmark)

Explore imagination through lifestyle products from Marooms! They have bedding, organizers, bags, and more offered in recycled and organic materials with unique prints. Marooms develops products that allow children to play and create while enjoying an aesthetic and beautiful home. They unite functionality and charm, with a focus on sustainability to help preserve the magnificence of our planet. They strive to stimulate creativity in the everyday items of children’s lives. With Marooms’ products designed in Copenhagen, life, leisure, and school are pleasant and practical for kids!
Available for immediate delivery and shipped to you in 10 days!

Which Scandinavian brands will you be stocking up on this season?