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Spanish brands are taking you on a fashion journey

Want to warm up a little bit in the middle of winter?

Playtime New York offers you a sunny break with a group of twenty Spanish brands brought together by Spain Fashion and ICEX.

Check them out and plan your meetings already!



In the 1960s, ACEBOS began making high quality children’s shoes and nowadays the brand remains true to its original philosophy: creativity, design and quality. More than half a century caring for the little ones of the house and they still feel that same excitement, believing children are the embodiment of color.
Instagram: @acebosshoes

Baby Clic


Baby Clic is a childcare and baby clothing brand based in Barcelona. The brand launched its first collection of textiles for little ones in 2008, with their eyes on the future and a clear shaking attitude. Baby Clic produces its products with an evident commitment to design, quality and functionality. The brand truly cares about making the best products with the best quality and nice design.
Instagram: @babyclic



Banwood® is a family-owned lifestyle brand with a passion for creating high-end cycling products for children. Its core values lie in safety, high quality and timeless design. Banwood creates contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century charm. Influenced by Scandinavian design, the keywords throughout the creative process are simplicity, minimalism and functionality
Instagram: @banwoodbikes


"Do you remember your favorite clothes when you were little? the answer will be: Búho." The brand places emphasis on quality and range of colors and exclusive prints. Providing a soft and cuddly feeling as the result of significant hard work, the brand ensures that the quality of all its clothes range live up to the its high standards.
Instagram: @buho_barcelona


Confetti makes thoroughly designed shoes and objects. The brand is inspired by people, no matter where they come from, respecting their style and attitudes. Confetti pays careful attention to details and highly skilled craftsmanship, ensuring the best quality. The brand is conceived for everyone  who has a deep sense of beauty and is not afraid to go against conventional rules in their quest for personal sophistication.

Dyo Ministyling


Having as its main mantra: "let kids be kids", Dyo Ministyling ethically produces clothes for children aged from 1 month to 14 years in Spain not using any zippers, tags or even buttons, without sacrificing comfort and quality.
Instagram: @dyoministyling



Lötiekids was created on a sunny day back in May 2012 in Barcelona. Organic cotton, creative prints, clean lines and comfortable shapes, result in a creative and functional collection. Sustainability, slow fashion, conscious clothing are the core rules for the brand. Most of its clothes are unisex, timeless and year-round. 100% made in Barcelona, on a very conscious and familiar industry the brand puts all its care and effort on achieving the highest quality standards and care for details.
Instagram: @lotiekids

Martina Charlotte


Founded in 2016 in the Basque Region of Spain, and inspired by the traditional elegance of the city of San Sebastian, Martina Charlotte makes comfortable, sophisticated clothing for girls aged 3 months-10 years. Known for its impeccable tailoring, the highest quality fabrics and coordinated color palettes, the brand creates contemporary silhouettes and pieces that follow the latest trends and appeal to urban mothers who seek the best for their daughters.
Instagram: @martinacharlottekids



Since late 2013 MOTORETA has been creating a lifestyle for children with an urban, and sophisticated meaning. Created by two architects based in the south of Spain, this is an example of how a local manufacturing goes together with an international design, best quality and a global distribution. Motoreta’s collections are well-known worldwide, as their collections have been featured in best international magazines such as Milk Magazine, Vogue, Papier Mache, Collezioni Bambini or Elle Magazine.
Instagram: @motoretakids



NAPAANI believes in a carefree, relaxed, and enriched way of life. Dressing children who are in contact with nature, who play and explore the outdoors, the brand's committed to the environment and the people within it. Napaani thrives for the wellbeing of both by making functional and creative designs, full of energy and love, using natural and organic materials for your most precious little ones.
Instagram: @napaanikids



Established in 2011 as a luxury childrenswear brand, today Nueces has become one of the leading brands from Spain, selling in more than 20 countries. Its collections are full of dedication, elegance and sophistication.

The soul of its line is the quality and the comfort of the goods, using some natural fibers and materials such as linen, cotton and wool. The brand covers the upper segment of the market for children from 0 to 20 years.
Instagram: @nueceskids



Picnik is lovely designed clothing for children aged 3 months to 12 years. It’s all about trendy colors and the most special prints. But look, there’s more in the basket! Picnik is also real touchable cotton quality. It’s softness, comfortable shapes, easy wear. It’s finally something both you and your kids will love. The brand is all about finding ways to enjoy life together with the little ones.

Made locally in Barcelona, enjoyed globally!
Instagram: @picnikbarcelona



Señorita LEMONIEZ, the brand for girls by Fernando Lemoniez, targets elegant and modern girls that do not lose their ability to dream and have fun. In its collections, the fabrics are of great importance, and not frequent in children's fashion: mikados, satins, crepes, brocades, marabou feathers… The prints have a retro touch and the styles oscillate between classicism and a daring modernity.
Instagram: @senoritalemoniez

Stay Little


Bringing more magic and inspiration to kids' lives, Stay Little is a kind of brand that believes that fashion is not only a great way of expressing ourselves, but is a mean of bringing fantasy to reality! The brand creates aesthetic designs with a touch of a fairy tale in each one, not giving up the high quality standards. Dream, explore and Stay Little!
Instagram: @staylittle_kids



Still being loyal to its true and original style, Tarantela has enlarged its collection, thus increasing the number of models and fabrics, specially for teens, and launched a small boys´ line, with matching shirts and pants, in order to meet the demands and preferences of its customers. All of its garmets bear a distinctive mark of quality and style.
Instagram: @tarantela_

Violeta e Federico


The new Violeta e Federico collection, ART CLASS, is purely unique. Just by looking at it you suddenly imagine a palette in pastels, used canvas, vintage brushes, painter's studio... A wonderful world full of treasures and inspiration for kids and not so kids. A place where checks and prints come together and different textures can lead you to a new universe. Your own universe!
Instagram: @violetaefederico



Created in 2013, Yellowpelota is characterised by the extraordinary quality of its
 materials, as well as fresh and comfortable designs. Inspired by atemporary
 designs, Yellowpelota becomes more and more recognizable brand. Its creators translate the 
artistic heritage from their own careers into unique patterns and original universes for each
 collection. As such, each color is carefully identified and chosen to bring out the potential of each
 garment. Yellowpelota on working to make our kids look even more funky and fresh!
Instagram: @yellowpelota



WEAR_YOUR_RULES is the new concept for the yporqué FW19'20 campaign, based on 5 rules linked to 5 true colors. The first rule is BE_CURIOUS, represented by the true yellow; Then it comes the PLAY_FAIRLY one, associated to blue color; CHOOSE_LOVE is for the red one; MAKE_ROOTS is connected to green; and CELEBRATE_DARKNESS is obviously for the black.
Instagram: @yporque_official