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Span the ages with Age To Come apparel

Launched in 2015, Age to Come Apparel (ATC) sought to accomplish two things: first, close the gap between the fashionable and the functional in kids clothing and secondly to put people’s needs before profits.

The brand was born out of the desire of Linsey Fuller. As a mom, she wanted to dress her son in the style of clothing he likes. After not finding what she wanted in stores, she decided to make clothes by herself. "I got asked many times “where did you get that?” So I started dreaming."

Along with her friend Michele, they created Age To Come, a timeless kidswear brand.
We have asked them both some questions to get to know them better.

How did you both met?

Michele: Linsey and Robbie have been friends of my husband’s for nearly 15 years. When we moved to Portland from the east coast (it was a move back for my husband) they quickly and easily became some of our closest friends.

Linsey: I remember liking Michele instantly when I met her. After a few dinners and a walk with our kids, Michele and I were fast friends and shortly after business partners.

Tell us a bit about your brand’s name Age To Come? What does it mean for you?

M: The clothes we make are meant to wear well, span the ages, grow with kids as they grow and be of a quality that can be passed down. Also how we run our business, with a people first mindset, stems from the belief that what we do with this life matters and it affects the future.

L: The name Age To Come was born out of my desire to create a brand that spanned the fashion ages (trend proof) and also could be worn by growing children for more than one season. I wanted my children (Maddie 4 and Max 7) to be able to share clothes and ultimately buy less garments with the desire that the garments would not only work for this “age” but for “ages to come”.

What do you love about designing clothing for children?

M: Children are just adorable and honest and if you make good clothes, they will like to wear them. When children like what they are wearing, they feel proud and it gives them a self-confidence that helps them thrive.

L: I didn’t actually intend to start a clothing company let alone one for kids ha! My husband Robbie is a footwear designer and my son wanted to dress like his dad. At the time, street style was not a big market and there was virtually nothing out there for kids. So I started making a few pieces. As Michele said, kids are honest and all our clothes have to pass the kid test… This usually includes the big three: Comfy, Stretchy, & Cool.

What inspires your work?

M: Probably my children inspire me the most, I want them to know it is possible to be the world’s best mama (in their eyes of course) and really good at what I do for work. I think its important for them to have modeled to them that women can be passionate about their work and excel and all the while, love and snuggle, kiss boo boos, and fold laundry. It’s all about balance, prioritizing, and being present in the moment.

L: I find most of life inspiring. Architecture, cooking, graphics and especially other people inspire my work. When I sit down to create, I think about the story of the garment. I try to answer the “why does this need to be created?” and “what problem does this garment solve”? Then I can get to work ☺

What is your favorite piece of the collection?

M: That’s a tough question, I have different favorites for different reasons. Overall probably the Aion Drop Crotch Pants are my favorite because they were my first design and completed prototype for our initial collection. They have a sentimental meaning to me and they look great on. When it comes to dressing my kids the Yom tee shirts are my favorite because they are so soft and my kids love to wear them, and of course reversible for accidents.

L: My favorite piece is the Aion Hoodie, similar to Michele it was one of my first pieces. I love it because when I look at it, I see our beginning. My favorite piece to dress my kids in is the Yom reversible shirts. We live in Asia and fly a lot with kids so these shirts are our go to travel uniform.

Aion Hoodie
Aion Drop Crotch Pants
Yom reversible tee-shirt

What is the most incredible garment you have ever been wearing?

M: Well I loved my wedding dress but I only wore that once. ☺ I have two vintage wool jackets that were my grandmothers and I just love them. They remind of her and are stylish in different ways.

L: My favorite garment is a vintage dress I bought from a second hand store. The construction of the dress is complex and interesting, yet it had a simplicity when you look at it. I always try to find occasion to wear it!

If you had the chance to collaborate with someone or a particular brand, which one would it be?

M: Linsey’s husband is an insanely talented footwear designer (he did not pay me to say that). I would have him design shoes for Age to Come. That would be amazing. Also we have an idea for something and would love to collaborate with Stephen Kenn on it. I can’t tell you what it is yet.

L: If I could collaborate with any designer it would be Jerry Lorenzo. I think Fear of God and Age To Come draw from the same spiritual base and both gather inspiration from an entrepreneurial kraft and a streetwear sensibility.

If you had to wear only one color for your entire life?

M: Black. Classic.
L: I agree- black. 100%

What was your style as a child?

M: Well I wore what was bought for me. Thankfully my mom and grandma had some good shopping taste, except for maybe the hot pink and orange Minnie Mouse sweater I wore the first day of 5th grade and I’m quite sure I picked that one out.
Although now I’m sure I could figure out a way to rock it. I do recall though that textures and fabrics I always noticed. I loved soft and beautiful materials.

L: Growing up in the 80’s and having to wear glasses made style an adventure. I remember my mom made most of my dresses and I go to pick out all my own glasses. My most cherished memories were picking out splatter pant glasses and getting to wear layered tube socks with my skirts. Here is second grade picture circa 1988.


What are your projects for the future of Age To Come?

M: This spring we plan to release an adult collection, which I am hoping will be a huge success. Also our next children’s collection is in the works.

L: Our future is open and bright! I have grand hopes that we will become a lifestyle brand someday. I just love creating beautiful things that also solve problems…and I have lots of ideas….but all good things take time. And money! (laughs)

Any advice for anyone thinking of starting their own brand?

M: Plan ahead. We didn’t know what we were doing regarding many aspects when we got started. We didn’t even always know what we were missing and at times have had to work really hard to make up for the gaps. I would just recommend having a comprehensive business plan and reviewing that with people who are already experienced in that area. Also a clear budget and allocation of funds is very beneficial.

L: Get a job at a brand similar to the one you want to start and bathe yourself in as many aspects of that business as you can. Design, Planning, Production, Accounting, Marketing etc. Surround yourself with people you can pepper with questions and learn from. Be Brave. It’s a roller coaster of highs and lows, successes and failures. But at the end of the day, if you succeed or if you fail, it’s the people you meet along the way and the journey that will shape you forever!

Age To come has been selected for the NEW NOW section , created to support and highlight emerging children's brands and first timers at Playtime Paris. Hoping that Age To Come will be part of the Playtime family for ages to come!


Age To Come apparel Crescent collection
As Michele said, kids are honest and all our clothes have to pass the kid test… This usually includes the big three: Comfy, Stretchy, & Cool.
Linsey Fuller, co-founder of Age To Come Apparel