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More than a backpack : Affenzahn, a friend for children

Children are in special contact with objects. They love them colorful, friendly and quirky. What would be only be practical and functional for an adult becomes naturally a game or children. Halfway between a backpack and a cuddly toy (even a friend), the German brand Affenzahn offers to children a true fellow traveler, ready to share with them the craziest adventures.
Focus on the brand with four benefits : functional, friend, facilitator, and fair.

Why the name Affenzahn ? What does it represent ?
Affenzahn (engl. = Ape Tooth) is a wordplay and the meaning in Germany is “high speed”. It is especially used when kids are running around. We used this name, because it describes the dynamic and the vibrancy of the brand very well.

What is the philosophy of Affenzahn ?
Affenzahn is more than a backpack. It is like a best friend and all of them have their own special abilities and talents. The backpacks have four special benefits :

  • Functional : From ‘A’ for adjustable chest strap, to ‘Z’ for zip closure, loving attention has been poured into the details of Affenzahn design. Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks are both fun and functional.
  • Friend : Experience every adventure together! With a familiar Affenzahn face, carrying an Affenzahn kindergarten backpack is like carrying a comforting piece of home. A favourite Affenzahn animal is a constant companion.
  • Facilitator : Discover the world through play with Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks. Pull out the tongue, and have fun with the moveable hook and loop arms. Role play with a favourite animal encourages the play instinct. Opening and closing buckles can train fine motor skills.
  • Fair : Fair and eco-friendly ; Affenzahn is a bluesign® system partner, which provides a means of protecting the resources of our planet. Affenzahn manufacture also uses materials made from recycled PET bottles.

Friendship seems to be important for the brand. What does it represent for you ? Why did you choose friendship as a recurring theme ?
Affenzahn is the first companion of toddlers when they are setting in at kindergarten/child care. Having a trusty friend aside helps kids to experience the new situation. But also, our backpacks are friends to each other. Affenzahn is a brand of FOND OF, which was founded by 3 friends. At FOND OF, we have a friendly relationship to each other and to our business partners.
Environment is a key word for Affenzahn, tell us about your partnership with bluesign ?
As a bluesign® partner, we use materials certified by them. So we are sure that harmful chemicals are avoided along the entire production process. This protects the environment and the employees in the factories along with the proud owners of Affenzahn backpacks. Next to being a bluesign partner, Affenzahn as a FOND OF brand, is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. On top of our own personal on-site inspections, the foundation checks the working conditions in the factories and respect for human rights in the supply chain.
Also use fabrics that are made of up to 50% used PET bottles. Using recycled PET bottles enables us to decrease waste water, energy consumption and pollutant emission in comparison to conventional production methods.

Can you share with us some projects for the future? Where do you see the brand in a few years ?
We are listening to kids and parents and work on products that response to their needs. Our lovely and creative team will surprise you with new products and features not in Europe only, worldwide.
Affenzahn will be at Playtime Paris and Berlin this summer.
Check out their website to get to know their friendly collection.


the "Ben beaver" backpack © Affenzahn
Having a trusty friend aside helps kids to experience the new situation.
Julia Niermann, head of international marketing for Affenzahn