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Lifestyle brands to curate the perfect atmosphere

Cultivating a space of warmth, creativity, and safety is so important for children as they grow up and develop. Playtime has selected these lifestyle brands who have all the essentials to create the perfect environment for little ones to explore, learn, and have fun! From toys to furniture and decor, these brands have you covered! With some available on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace and others you can meet at Playtime Paris on January 29-31 or Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York on February 13-15, be introduced to these must-have brands!

Discover the selection below!

kid's plushes
kid's stuffed animal
children's stuffed animal
children's crochet toy
Just Dutch
children's plush
International Bon Ton Toys
kid's dolls
girl's dolls
children's dolls

These furry friends and adorable dolls make great company for tea parties, picnics, and adventures! Explore Chikatai's page on the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace before meeting them at Playtime Paris, where you can also see LAMA PALAMA, ADADA, Just Dutch, International Bon Ton Toys, and minikane! Dumyé will be at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, and you can find Urbidolls in the NEW NOW section at Playtime Paris and at their booth in New York!

children's wooden toys
children's wooden toy
Raduga Grez
children's wooden toys
MinMin Copenhagen
kid's natural toys
KMR Childwood
children's tin toys
Mr. & Mrs. Tin
kid's utensils
By Lille Vilde
kid's wooden toys
SABO Concept
kid's plastic toys
Culbuto Original

In wood, tin, or sustainably produced plastic, these brands have toys that are safe and fun for children to play with! Come place orders with PlanToys, Raduga Grez, MinMin Copenhagen, Mr. & Mrs. Tin, and By Lille Vilde at Playtime Paris, and meet SABO Concept in New York! KMR Childwood will be featured in the SINGULAR space at Playtime Paris, and Culbuto Original has items available for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace!

kid's costumes
kid's decoration alternative
Mamie Stella
children's wooden toys
Moes Play
kid's natural toys
children's decor
children's costumes
KOKO cardboards

From costumes to tools for creating new worlds, these brands have everything to bring imagination to life! Discover Fabelab, Moes Play, and Stempels&Co in person at Playtime Paris. Mamie Stella is another Playtime brand that will be featured in the SINGULAR space at Playtime Paris! Antsi will be there too, but you can meet them before the show on the Playtime & Kid's Hub Marketplace! KOKO cardboards is not only on the Marketplace, but they will also have one of their artists at Playtime Paris to help bring WONDERLAND to life!

kid's bedding
kid's bedding
Big Little Ones
children's blankets
children's decor
children's blankets
Müsli by Green Cotton
kid's bedding
kid's natural bedding
Eko & Natimi
kid's natural pillows
Pink no more
infant pillows
kid's natural blankets

Whether used to create forts, or simply to go to sleep, these brands have everything to keep kids warm while being inspired by lovely textiles! Bibu and Big Little Ones have items available for immediate delivery on the Marketplace, where you can explore Bihan's page before meeting them and Bini.Co, Müsli by Green Cotton, Maylily, Eko & Natimi, and Pink No More in Paris. In Paris, find the brand Mumade in the SINGULAR space! Yaarn is on the Marketplace and will be in both Paris and New York!

kid's furniture
Babel Brune
children's play room
Nolli Polli
baby innovative products
Baby on the Move
kid's home decor
Ila y Ela

A crucial aspect of creating the perfect ambiance for the whole family to enjoy is furniture and decoration! Explore the latest collections of Babel Brune, Nolli Polli, and Baby on the Move in Paris, and Ila y Ela will be in New York and Paris for you to see their AW22 collection!

kid's place mat
La Kumpania De Sandrine
kid's utensils
By Lille Vilde

The best way to help parents is by making meals as easy and clean as possible! These brands deliver exactly that! La Kumpania De Sandrine has items for immediate delivery on the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace, and you can come meet By Lille Vilde’s at Playtime Paris!

kid's flash light
Polochon & Cie
children's night lights
Mr. Maria
children's lights
Atelier Pierre Junior
children's lights
Flow Amsterdam
children's play room
Lights 4 Kids
kid's night lights
Little Lights

These brands have the cutest lights, to comfort little ones when it’s dark and spark their imagination! Explore the lovely brand Polochon & Cie on the Marketplace and find Mr. Maria, Lights 4 Kids, Flow Amsterdam, and Atelier Pierre Junior in Paris! Look for Little Lights' adorable stand at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York in February!

Which brands are you most excited to stock your store with?