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Kidswear Polish brands are booming!

Did you know that Polish children’s fashion is booming? Playtime offers you a list of stylish Polish brands that are producing the kind of clothes meeting the approval of both kids and parents, while encouraging self expression, quality and comfort.

Check them out below !


Dear Sophie is a brand for our little explorers, filled with curiosity and energy. They believe that childhood is the best time to discover the world, and that's why they created pieces inspired by nature. Their talented illustrators, fashion and graphic designers do fantastic jobs creating unique and dedicated prints. The oh-prints! are at the very heart of every Dear Sophie collections. So are good vibes in their team!

Explore this fun collection here and meet the team at Playtime Paris (January 29-31, 2022) and Playtime New York (February 13-15, 2022)!


Looks by Luks are the perfect bond for a child and his parents. The brand offers a wide selection of sizes of the products from infants to adults, which allows creating matchy-matchy sets for mums and daughters. And who doesn’t love them, right? :) They offer beautiful, hand-made turbans, bands and yukata kimonos in an array of colors hand-sewn in Poland, using organic and ethically sourced fabrics.

Be sure to not miss this flawless collection here!.


Oûcollie is a design lead women and children’s detachable collars brand based in Poland. These cute chic collars are adding a touch of fairy and magique to the little ones. Every collection is a way to give an elegant and fashionable touch to an ordinary, basic piece of clothing. An Oûcollie piece is meant to be a timeless gift carrying significance from generation to generation, like a piece of authentic quality jewellery would.

You will not regret checking out these cute accessories on the Playtime Marketplace!


Cacane is a brand created in 2019 that focuses on simplicity, high quality and timeless style. Their pieces are very enduring, perfect for any kind of adventure.The use of high quality, natural materials is one of the most important assumptions of their brand. Not only, they are durable but they do use very captivating colors and styles.

Want to know more about this special collection? Go to the Playtime Marketplace!


The perfect streetwear, lifestyle and fashion brand for relaxed and free-spirit kids. Since its conception Minikid has seen its role as the brand that provides a breath of fresh air into child fashion. Inspired by kids’ adventures and energy they designed clothes for real life, not just special occasions! Children need comfort, clothing that allows them to move freely and dive into any kind of adventure.

Be notify to discover the next collection of Minikid on the Playtime Marketplace or meet Minikid at Playtime Paris (January 29-31 2022)!


Want to bring joy to your little ones? Looking for a creative gift? Or simply looking for a new and fun item to put in your child’s room? Bini kid’s beanbags are an ideal solution to create a custom, stylish space for a children’s room, or even a living room. You can use Bini seats in many ways – you can sit on it, lay and relax, read, watch tv or you can use it to have a lot of fun because Bini will become your best playmate.

Want to try them ? Visit BINI at Playtime Paris (January 29-31, 2022)!


The premium baby essential brand Petite Laure offers you very charming gift ideas for your little ones. From layettes, blankets, diapers, wrap, neats and swaddles to pillows, sleeping bags and beddings**. So you don’t have to think about what to buy anymore for the next occasion ;) We know that by trusting Petite Laure, you won’t be disappointed.

Petite Laure will be present in Playtime Paris (January 29-31, 2022)!


Booso is a creative brand that tries to meet even the most demanding clients with their trendy clothes. Their idea is to create deconstructive and original forms in uniform colors. Their clothes are so stylish and no doubt are giving confidence to our kids.

Discover the Booso trendy collection in Playtime Paris (January 29-31, 2022)!


Fluff is a brand which brings together extraordinary collections of outwear for the youngest. Their products are carefully selected, highest quality and ANTI-ALLERGIC. Fluff does take care of every detail to provide the highest quality products and original colors to meet all expectations. Fluff will sure make you warm and cozy during this winter!

Fluff will be present at Playtime Paris (January 29-31, 2022)!


UL&Ka creates headbands and other headgears, comfortable, practical, and at the same time fashionable and colorful. They even design family sets for parents and children because UL&KA is for everyone regardless of age! You can even Create on the website your perfect band or set by choosing the material, the colour and the design, it's easy!

Dive on the UL&Ka world by attending Playtime Paris (January 29-31, 2022)!