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Introducing our SINGULAR selection for Playtime Paris

A whole new space to discover “pépites” brands, our "SINGULAR" selection will spotlight brands with treasurable young talents and small collections at Playtime Paris on January 29 to 31, 2022! This unique selection of fashion, lifestyle, accessories, and wellness products will be gathered together in one place at the show. Displayed in a popup format that will perfectly exhibit their innovative and inspirational products, come discover them for yourself! We have selected eight incredible brands to debut the Singular space, and can’t wait to introduce them to you! Here is a sneak peak of who they are, their core values, and their products to get you excited to meet them in person at Playtime Paris!

Playtime now presents our first selection of singular brands!


sustainable maternity accessory
sustainable maternity accessory

From the combination of the words “mum” and “nomade,” the brand Mumade was created ! Mumade seeks to encourage parents to embrace not only parenthood, but to also continue enjoying their passions. Accessories from Mumade allow for movement and a social life, and are the perfect alternative to classic pregnancy cushions. With their pretty, ergonomic, and practical design, these pillows allow parents to feel at ease with the safety of their baby, while continuing to do what they love. Made from 100% OEKO-TEX certified materials, these products are guaranteed to provide a comfortable position and a clear conscience to parents. Conceptualized in Biarritz and produced in a humane factory in Portugal, Mumade products enable parents to enjoy every aspect of their lives!
Meet them in the Singular space at Playtime Paris to discover their products!


sustainable children's toys
sustainable kid's objects

With the motto “Let children be wild again,” the brand KMR Childwood creates toys and objects that encourage creativity, imagination, and a natural lifestyle. Striving to be a part of children growing up and learning to live simply and without plastic, all KMR Childwood products are hand-made in the north of France from local and renewable wood. Every aspect of KMR Childwood is aimed at reducing the ecological impact they make, so they can help ensure children will grow up in a world full of resources. Their wooden products are unpainted, leaving them completely open to children’s imagination and making them safer to play with. KMR Childwood designs these wonderful wooden toys for wild little people to play and enjoy life, while guaranteeing their future will be spent on a healthy planet.
Enjoy exploring their products the 29-31 of January in Paris!


sustainable children's skincare
sustainable kid's hygiene products

Ëtnoo skincare products are Swiss engineered, and currently produced exclusively in Switzerland. Ëtnoo is prepared to be flexible in their production strategy, and as they grow and expand their business they will produce closer to their customers around the world. By producing near their end consumer, they will reduce their transportation pollution, while also contributing to the local society by offering jobs. Ëtnoo products are made with premium ingredients that do not contribute to deforestation or soil exploitation. Their sourcing network values skilled farmers worldwide that cultivate these ingredients in the most sustainable way possible. The majority of Ëtnoo’s packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials, and is all white to allow them to be recycled multiple times. Take care of children’s skin and the environment with products from Ëtnoo!
Find them at Playtime Paris in the Singular popup!


sustainable children's clothes
sustainable kid's garments

With their mission to help new generations find fulfillment through independence, Bleu Citron designs garments to help kids develop and show off their personal style. Getting dressed is one of the first skills children are able to do independently, and something they have to do every day. By creating clothes that make this sometimes stressful activity more fun for kids, and therefore less tense for parents, Bleu Citron helps encourage children to be autonomous and independent. Through garments that are designed to allow kids to express themselves without needing words, to wear their personality, and gain the self-confidence to share their differences with the world, Bleu Citron is creating a positive environment for kids to learn and grow every day.
Encourage individuality with Bleu Citron!


sustainable children's sunglasses
sustainable kid's sunglasses

When unable to find sunglasses she liked for her children, young mother Stéphanie decided to design her own! YEYE sunglasses are pretty, ethical, well-made, and trendy yet timeless. Designed and made in France, these genderless glasses are made from the naturally sourced and sustainable material castor oil. By using castor oil, these glasses are durable, timeless, and able to be recycled. YEYE products are made from materials that do not destroy the planet, while maintaining a price point that is accessible. Their creed is to make less, but better. Whether worn for strolls through the countryside, winter sports, on vacation or just an average day, sunglasses from YEYE will protect kid’s eyes and keep them stylish!
Discover their incredible collection at the Singular space!


sustainable children's hygiene
sustainable kid's skincare

With 100% natural origins, skincare products from Lilikiwi are sure to please both parents and kids! By encouraging kids to be autonomous and teaching them the importance of personal hygiene, Lilikiwi enables little ones to be independent. Their products never have more than 8 ingredients, so parents can be reassured they are safe for children. The result of a scientist and an artistic mother coming together to create simple products that are safe for both children and the environment, Lilikiwi developed the perfect way to encourage kids to take their personal hygiene into their own hands, while ensuring parents they are doing so safely! With simple and lovely scents, clean ingredients, and fun containers, Lilikiwi products are sure to make staying clean and healthy more fun for kids!
Make bath time more fun with this Singular brand, Lilikiwi!


sustainable children's toys
innovative kid's play

Let creativity and imagination run free with products from Mamie Stella! Inspired by playtime with their own kids, Mamie Stella designed their product La Guitoune to enable little ones and parents to design forts more easily. Made from OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton that isn't dyed to leave it a blank canvas for imagination, La Guitoune can be turned into teepees, tents, or whatever the heart desires! By allowing kids and parents to work together to bring their imagination to life, kids learn to share and take care of themselves and others. All of Mamie Stella’s products are designed to encourage and facilitate this creativity and learning, from pillows and accessories to La Guitoune itself! Easy to take anywhere, make the whole world a playroom for kids and their parents to create together with products from Mamie Stella!
Imagine and create at Playtime Paris with Mamie Stella!


sustainable children's skincare
innovative kid's hygiene

Reduce single-use plastic consumption with refillable products from! Made from clean and natural formulas, their personal care products are sustainable and safe for kids. They are also comforting for parents to know their little ones are staying clean while keeping the planet healthy too! delivers their reusable bottles and plastic-free refills directly to doorsteps. Their personal care range is made in Europe, from materials that are responsibly sourced. Please parents and kids alike with their products that never use single-use plastic. Create the maximum positive impact on children and their personal hygiene, while minimally impacting the environment with products!
Come and see their incredible products for yourself at the Singular space at Playtime Paris!

Which brands are you most excited to discover in our SINGULAR area at Playtime Paris later this month?