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In Conversation with... W110

As the new season rolled in at Playtime, so did a new episode of MilK Awards. Instead of walking down the aisles at Playtime Paris, this season the MilK team scrolled through the Playtime B2B Marketplace to sift through the brands and announce this years winners in the category of Fashion, Green, Crush and Lifestyle.

We interviewed the winners to understand the workings behind their brands. Keep reading to learn about the design process and strategies for business post COVID-19 from the winner of Crush MilK Award - W110 Collection!

W 110 ® Collection is a young French furniture brand that wants to put the garden back at the heart of home and family life. The project imbued with the family tradition of woodworking takes on a new dimension through this collection to open up to everyday objects as close as possible to the user's pleasure.

1. How do you approach the creation of a new collection?

We approach the creation by sharing our ideas, our thoughts and our everyday feelings.
Basically the reflection on a new product is based on the mix between : the potential of the natural materials and processes we work with and the creation of a playful and enjoyable product atmosphere we feel like the kids and other generations would embrace.

2. Where do you find inspiration? What do you believe is a good design for the kid’s industry?

The collections are inspired by nature and memories from our childhood in the countryside. We always try to give our products a sensible and timeless expression.
A good product for the kids is an object that they could dream with and create an imaginary world around it, it has to be comfortable, colorful and simple.

3. Due to the absence of physical trade shows this year, how have you modified the sales campaign for SS21? How would the online marketplace help you reach out to buyers?

After M&O in January we considered showing our collection during the July Playtime, edition. We have considered different digital options and Iloveplaytime was a real chance to present our products anyway.
Online market is perfect for an everyday visibility and provides a good potential in capturing particular business.

4. In terms of business post COVID-19, how has it affected your overall strategy for the brand?

As a manufacturer this crisis helped to focus on producing within a short time and with the local production ecosystem.
We were thinking on stronger and larger production processes based on investments. We finally move to partnerships and collaborations with other local factories, sharing knowledge and skills.
We also used this time frame to reconsider our bases and to start creating a new brand identity and communication tools.

5. Can you tell us what you see in the future for your brand?

We see the future of our brand as being more focused on well-being and a multi-generational mood. We’re thinking of the limits between indoor and outdoor and are making iterations in garden accessories and indoor green. We also aim to lower the impact on the environment and continue to produce beautiful, and comfortable products.

Discover the new collection of W110 on the marketplace
Instagram: @w110collection