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In Conversation with ...Bonmot Oranic

As the new season rolled in at Playtime, so did a new episode of MilK Awards. Instead of walking down the aisles at Playtime Paris, this season the MilK team scrolled through the Playtime B2B Marketplace to sift through the brands and announce this years winners in the category of Fashion, Green, Crush and Lifestyle.

We interviewed the winners to understand the workings behind their brands. Keep reading to learn about the design process and strategies for business post COVID-19 from the winner of Fashion MilK Award - Bonmot Organic!

Bonmot is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand from Barcelona and deeply cares about fairer and humane production and consumption. With 100%organic fabrics, Bonmot creates unisex garments that are full of character and long lasting values.

1. How do you approach the creation of a new collection?

We always start by brainstorming the aim of the subject for the new collection. Once we finalise and develop the concept and the message we want to communicate, we start drawing our garments and prints on paper while tweaking all concepts to express our aim better that season - always by means of unisex garments with great personality and a wealth of organic fabrics, beautiful colors and prints.

2. Where do you find inspiration? What do you believe is a good design for the kid’s industry?

We find inspiration by being in contact with nature, in art, in books, in films, in our everyday life. Our commitment is making positive garments for kids, to ensure that our little ones give the necessary importance to the limited resources that the world offers us, and the importance of caring about the incredible world we live in.

We're living proof there's no need to go on over-exploiting the planet's natural resources. All our corporate communication is produced using recycled materials that can be reused and once again recycled.

We believe a good design for the kid’s industry is the perfect mixture between eye-catching designs, conceived, designed and produced with great care and attention, in workshops providing fair and decent working conditions and with sustainable production rates. Selecting production partners that use renewable practices and resources is extremely important.

3. Due to the absence of physical trade shows this year, how have you modified the sales campaign for SS21? How would the online marketplace help you reach out to buyers?

We became part of the great Playtime online marketplace platform developed years ago that will make us visible to a huge number of retailers that aren’t a part of our Bonmot community yet, together with all the great agents we have in our team that have the best renowned physical showroom at their cities where buyers can visit and see our new collections this season. We are so lucky as we have built a great sales team along this past seasons in different countries around the world, and so happy to welcome them to our team, our new agent in China with the beautiful showroom, that will offer Bonmot the best new sales team in China.

4. In terms of business post COVID-19, how has it affected your overall strategy for the brand?

In short-terms we have reinforced our marketing and communication department with more visual support for helping our customers to be able to reach and understand our collection better due to the absence of physical trade shows.

We were just about to open a new bigger office in Barcelona before Covid-19, but we have changed our strategy and we will invest on international teams of different areas without having to be all together at the office, as this is the new reality and we believe that all our teams are able to work from where they desire. Thanks to new technologies, we can make our daily meetings easily without being all in the same meeting room - it is a concept that has become obsolete for our company.

5. Can you tell us what you see in the future for your brand?

a. We believe ecology will transform consumption in the long term, so we will keep updating and always at the front row, growing and strengthening ourselves by the hand and thanks to our great teams in existing markets and new markets to reach.
b. Helping to create a better world by generating a sustainable environment that's responsible for nature and society with the aim of forging a different path in the production and consumption of children's clothing that's more humane and mindful for the environment.
c. Supporting sustainable fashion, fair and ethical with both society and the planet around the world.

Discover the new collection of Bonmot on the marketplace
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