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Greenery : Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017

Greenery—Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017—is an uplifting and hopeful hue with a calming and rejuvenating effect on the spirit. Associated with nature, vibrancy, and abundance, Greenery embodies the best of our New Year traditions—as we make plans and set goals for the new year, we birth new ideas, nurture our dreams, and commit to personal and professional growth. The jury is out however, on whether Greenery will be eagerly embraced by consumers. Some find the color too difficult for most people to incorporate into their wardrobes while others champion Greenery as a versatile color that combines well with neutrals and jewel tones alike. In the children’s apparel market, Greenery aptly reflects the recent abundance of botanical prints in children’s collections—being one of the three major trends Julie Malait identified for SS17. We asked four online retailers of children’s apparel, accessories and lifestyle products and one Instagram influencer and children’s fashion enthusiast for their take on Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017.

Credit: Mindi Smith Photographer

Sylvia Yim, owner, mo+me kids, online retailer, USA

"We did see the color trends during Fashion Week for women's wear and a little glimpse of the color palette chosen by Pantone in kids wear collections for SS17. One of the brands we carry, Nico Nico seems to embody the vibe and colors coordinating with the Greenery color. The whole aesthetic of their new upcoming collection 'PARADISE' captures the essence of Greenery with their hues, fabrics and relaxed island styles. The fact that it was announced the color of the year, does influence our buying decisions slightly, since we do want to stay on trend. Plus, we naturally tend to gravitate towards, brighter, lighter and refreshing colors you see in nature for Spring. We think consumers will also be drawn to the color Greenery and the other trending colors in Pantone's 2017 color report. As in any trend, we feel it will inevitably have an impact on consumer preferences!"


Donna Meo, owner, Adorn the Fawn, online retailer, Australia

"With a personal love for green, I have a weak spot for selecting green pieces in any collection. I think with Greenery set to influence the fashion market it is key to select pieces that appeal for the matching mini styling such as ‘mummy and me’ look as it always adds a little fun with parents dressing up with children in the latest fashion forward style. With Greenery influencing consumers I think they naturally create their own take on green such as variations on the colour green and also playing with it in different textures and patterns."

Kate Kuziminova, owner, Lublue, online retailer, UK

Green is my favourite colour, pleased to hear it is going to play big role next year. At Lublue we are focused on our signature palette of paler shades + golden and silver hues, but we always search for hidden gems i.e. cool designs and colours too. Green is always on my personal radar. I absolutely loved a green sweater from Animals Observatory AW collection. I hope smaller brands from Korea we work with will follow the trend and introduce the colour to their next collections.

Credit: Mummy Moon AW17 collection

Amy Barnes, social media influencer @fiveladiesandbeau

I have always loved the color green and I'm not surprised to see it be a go to this year. I will always try to keep with the trends and it will influence my buying somewhat, but I can't say I'll go full board with it. Make it the year of green yes, but let's not end up hating green in the end.
I'm glad to see it rise to the top because not many fashions represent it, and it's an amazing color! I can't wait to see what comes out! But I will buy as my taste takes me, not the "preferences" of others. But I do know many that run with the pack, so yes if the fashion industries and popular fashion icons go green then many will follow! Go green!


Jasmine Punzalan, owner, Kodomo, online and brick and mortar retailer, USA

I love that Greenery is the color of the year, especially since it reminds me of springtime—which in January in Boston can seem so far away.

I'm curious and excited to see our designers’ FW17 collections at Playtime. Perhaps we'll see some Greenery, maybe not. When I buy kids clothing I focus on playful and comfortable designs (fun prints, soft materials, nothing too constricting for movement). I also want clothing to be stylish, but not overly trendy—clothing that doesn't become passé the next season. If Pantone's Color of the Year happens to be in that mix, then that's the icing on the cupcake!


Mindi Smith Photographer
With Greenery influencing consumers I think they naturally create their own take on green such as variations on the colour green and also playing with it in different textures and patterns.
Donna Meo, owner of Adorn the Fawn