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Fluffy winter apparel for kids: the softest models of the moment!

Fluffy brows, fluffy pancakes, fluffy hair ... Fluffy is the new trend and when it comes to coats, jackets or jumpsuits for children, we follow this trend at 300%. Because we want nothing more than to wrap the little ones in a soft cocoon, warm and cozy, to go out in the cold.

As we announced in our article on the AW21 trends dissected by Fashion Snoops, after invading our wardrobes, fluffy clothes, which cleverly replace synthetic fur, are becoming this season's must-haves for children. Zoom on some chic and cocooning pieces to adopt to spend a winter at the top and especially warm!

The fluffy coats and clothes are THE must-have fashion piece of the season and are inviting like a wind of softness in the dressing room of children. Be careful, it's not because you choose a model as soft as a teddy bear that you have to give up the style!

Jolie Maïya
Petit Indi

How cute is the sleeveless version, like those pieces from Jolie Mïya or Petit Indi, on a little dress or a checkered shirt, it gives a vintage country look that's really in sight!
Shop this jacket from Jolie Maiya

Bonnie & the gang
Petit Indi

Bonnie & the gang's fur jacket, as well as the cape pattern, seem to wrap the troublemakers in such a soft cocoon that they'll love it... and so will we.
Explore the fair collection of Bonnie & the gang on the Playtime marketplace

In the oversized version with the ears on the hood, it turns the child into a little pink bear at Petit Indi, which is far from displeasing him :)
Find the fluffy coat by Petit Indi here


We love the soft and warm jumpsuit from Kapoune that can be worn on the couch as well as on a walk. This model made in France in imitation sheep certified OEKO-TEX is just perfect for kids.
Buy some Kapoune Jumpsuits for your shop

At Antebies, where we pay special attention to comfort and style, we have selected for you this jacket that combines super chic and softness with class.
Let's have a look on this sweet Antebies' jacket


Finally, for those who will not adopt the total fluffy look, small touches of fleece are invited in the decoration of children's clothes as at Spilow which presents a unisex jacket so fun!
Discover more outfits from Antebies now

After the fall jackets, your little customers will be looking for a warm and soft coat. It's time to showcase a few more fluffy and warm pieces in your window!
Fluffy coats and apparel will bring a casual look that kids will love. A need for warmth and cocooning right in the trend of the moment!