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TOKYO with Abi... 'Films For Children'

How many of you have been reading up on review on movies in search for a perfect guideline on what to watch and what to show your kids at a certain age?

I certainly have and I did not always agree with the age limit given on certain media. The children are like sponges when it comes to learning. They watch, they absorb, the copy to reproduce. We all know that for the good and for the bad. If its on TV or in real life.
Why they always choose the one out of line to become their best friend only to get hurt down the line, who knows?! It goes further than copy paste though. Give them the right information at the right time, and they will prosper!

It’s a bit like sending the kids to Montessori school or the Rudolf Steiner, which both used to be free or cheap btw (food for thought). In any case, who does not want to see their kids exceed and prosper?
I am recently read that to nurture ones brain, one should a. engage in physical activities, preferably outdoors and b. nurture ones creative part which relaxes the brain preparing it to ‘absorb’ more useful (academic) information. So, if your kid comes home with terrible grades, think twice before forcing him/her into the study for more revision.

Films for children, established in Paris and expanding in Tokyo, is an excellent resource for parents and teachers to lean on. Always keeping an approach base on ‘what do films teach children? The poetic films raise awareness of artistic expression.

The educational objectives of the films can also be used in classrooms anywhere in the world since there is no language spoken. There is no need to speak and explain when feelings and sensations can be transmitted by visual story telling. It’s fascinating!

Sorted by age range and genre, the website is easy to navigate. All the films are and free of charge!
Instagram: @Films_for_children


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