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7 Brands Pushing the Envelope on Sustainability

April 24-30 is Fashion Revolution week, commemorating the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh which resulted in over 1,000 garment workers losing their lives. The event sparked a global outcry against the excesses of the fast fashion business model which mass produces cheaply made garments at the expense of people and the planet.

The childrenswear industry has scores of laudable brands that are committed to organic clothing and ethical production practices. This Fashion Revolution week, we applaud seven unique labels leading the charge on sustainability :

  • Infantium Victoria is 100% vegan, organic, and sustainable—down to the buttons and thread. Their new collection ‘Emulsion’, stands for the beauty and the vulnerability of the seas. The collection touches on environmental issues and aims to create awareness of the importance of protecting our planet and its oceans. Go behind the scenes with Infantium Victoria as they pay homage to Fashion Revolution week on the Infantium Victoria blog.

  • Macarons is well-loved for their innovative of all-natural, functional textiles based on traditional German manufacturing expertise. The knits and wovens are exclusive Macarons textile developments, making them a leader in developing outstanding, one of a kind organic fabrics. Macarons selects the world’s best GOTS certified yarns and produces all items responsibly along the entire production chain to make a better world for children. Macarons now offers a line for adults, so you mums and dads can get it on the sustainable fashion action!

  • Doodle-Do is a British childrenswear known for imaginative, fanciful prints. Their motto is that teaching children to be good stewards of the environment can begin with their own clothes. From how cotton is grown and manufactured to their branding and packaging, every step in the manufacturing process meets the standard for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification and all Doodle Do knitwear is ethically hand knit in the UK.

  • Waddler produces beautiful knits made from 100% baby alpaca wool. The alpaca is one of nature’s most eco-friendly animals; they graze lightly on the land and unlike cows and sheep, and goats, they have soft toes instead of hooves, which avoid soil erosion. One of the world's softest and warmest natural fibers, alpaca is seven times warmer than cashmere and as soft as merino wool. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca contains no lanolin to soak up stains, is hypoallergenic, and fire resistant (unlike synthetics).

  • Hilda.Henri is a Vienna-based childrenswear label dedicated to sustainable children`s fashion. Complemented by fine silks, cotton, and merino wool, Hilda.Henri is renowned for their use of milled loden—a textile of pure felted wool that provides exceptional warmth and water resistance by virtue of the air pockets and lanolin retained in the environmentally friendly manufacturing process. All collections are manufactured locally, following the rules of a traditional handcraft. Hild.Henri makes garments meant to be passed along from child to child.

  • Oeuf’s commitment to combining intuitive design, ecological and sustainable production with simple & clean style has made it one of the most respected and independent brands in the market. Founders Michael Ryan and Sophie Demenge are the husband-and-wife team that created Oeuf with the vision to provide modern parents with high-quality, streamlined pieces that are sustainably sourced and responsibly created. The company started with just one crib, and has grown to produce several lines of stylish nursery and junior furniture, kids’ clothing, fun toys and elegant yet whimsical décor objects, sold all over the world.

  • Dancing in the Grass is a label born of a mother’s love of fashion, family, and a healthy lifestyle. Offering whimsical, colourful styles for girls ages 2-10, Dancing in the Grass makes a simple yet powerful statement through their designs: slow down, eat your veggies, and get back to nature. In that spirit, their certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) silhouettes are designed for ease of movement during play but offer fantastical prints that make imaginations soar. Vegan fashion, certified by PETA.

Doodle Do, SS17 collection