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Changing the world, one bra at a time!

Huge global strides have been made in the popularity of sustainable brands. In a saturated market, brands have to stand out and one way they can do this is being sure of their ethical credentials.
In the media, we are seeing the circular economy gaining more popularity with the trend towards more focus on where our clothes and lifestyle goods come from and where they end up and this is often endorsed by celebrities.

At Playtime Paris, we’re seeing an increase in the number of brands with sustainable backgrounds and the use of natural materials. With expectant parents wanting the best for their new baby, maternity brands can create a platform that can become the starting point of a complete step change in society’s attitude towards sustainability.

Boob, the Swedish maternity brand is a forward-thinking company that has sustainability engraved into every part of the company.

Merino wool plays a big part in Boob’s AW18 collection where Boob strive to continue innovating in the nursingwear sector. Boob have been participating in a research programme in Sweden called “Mistra Future Fashion” since it began.
Now in its second phase, the purpose of the Mistra Future Fashion programme is to deliver knowledge and solutions that the Swedish fashion industry and its stakeholders can use in order to significantly improve the fashion sector’s environmental performance and to strengthen its global competitiveness.

Boob’s commitment to sustainability has been endorsed by being a finalist for Habit’s 2017 Annual Sustainability Award.
Boob Design unites high quality, design, function, material selection with care for the production process, employees, and the environment”and “Thanks to a thoughtful sustainability strategy, retailer training and their challenge to customers to recycle instead of throwing old clothes away, sustainability is now woven into the company’s DNA.

Boob continue to expand their activewear range and their nursing bras, tights and leggings use Q-nova®, a yarn made from recycled industrial waste. Their swimwear is produced using ECONYL®.

This yarn is made of post-consumer waste such as old fishing nets and industrial waste that has been re-generated into new yarn. By using fabrics made of recycled materials they are helping to reduce landfills while saving the planet's natural resources of crude oil.

Visit Boob at Playtime Paris on January 27-29!


Boob SS18 collection