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A KINDA cool interview with Alexandra Klever

After a 1st edition released last January, KINDA magazine will be back very soon with a second one!

KINDA magazine is all about photography. It takes us on a great journey through kids' world and fashion, "all seen through the lens of photographer Alexandra Klever, and from the perspective of the photographed children."
We met her, Alexandra, photographer and editor of KINDA magazine, to ask her some questions about her love for photography, her magazine and how she imagines its future.

Tell us a bit about yourself Alexandra, how did you come to photography?
During my architectural studies, I was forced to take some photography courses. Very soon, the world of photography took me over completely and I’ve not looked back since.

Why did you choose to create your own magazine? What did you have to say?
Launching a print magazine is the most crazy thing to do in these digital times but I felt ready for it. And it’s a great opportunity to give independent fashion brands and artists a platform. So here I am, sharing my vision of beauty and kindness with you.

What’s in your magazine that we can’t find in other ones?
We're sharing our passion for photography, we talk with interesting people from different walks of life and there are (almost) no ads, leaving even more space for the beauty of our KINDA cosmos.
Additionally, with doing a print issue, we invite the readers to really take the time and explore our imagery and texts in a way you can’t really do online.

Can you describe KINDA in three words?
kinda adventurous
kinda headstrong
kinda beautiful from the inside

What are your goals with KINDA?
I would like to build a worldwide media company and lead a children’s army of freedom fighters to make the world a better place for everyone.

Do you remember your very first photograph?
Of course. I was about 4 years old, traveling to Norway by train with my family. I had just gotten an 'Agfa Click‘ camera (kinda suitable for a child, since it’s mainly made of plastic) from my father who is an avid photographer himself. I took my first picture of a nice dog who was traveling with us. The image turned out to be quite blurry, but I was very happy.

You chose to work with children, why? Is it easier?
It’s the most difficult you can imagine. However, you never have so much fun when working with adults. And I’m interested in the unexpected, so working with children feels very natural for me.

We know the strength of image, pictures speak louder than words as they say. What is your feeling about this?
That’s why I tell my stories in pictures!

What is the most remarkable photograph for you and why?
My most remarkable recent photograph is an image of journalist Denis Yücel who was emprisoned in Turkey over one year without charges for just doing his work. After being released, he’s met by his wife who brought a big bunch of persil as a symbol of their love.

What would be a world without photography?
It would be film. We’re all visual beings.


KINDA Magazine
Launching a print magazine is the most crazy thing to do right now and I felt ready for it.
Alexandra Klever, founder and editor of KINDA Magazine
by Esther Gebauer