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A conversation with… Aurélie Andrès

The founder of Oh Really! talks about connecting art with design.

A designer and a creative mind, Aurélie Andrès is the founder of the brand Oh Really! having as the main concept colorful stickers that anyone can stick wherever and however they want. Back in 2017, being an invited artist at Playtime New York, Aurélie gained huge attention. The designer shares her own experience of launching her own brand.

We know Playtime NY was one of the starting points for you, but how exactly did you decide to create your own brand?

The story started during the Playtime show in NY, in August 2017.
I was invited as an artist and I made two murals in tape. During my installation someone asked me if it can be possible to get my design for their home. And during the following month, I've been thinking about this request and I did my best to develop this idea. Now two years later, this project has become a brand. 

Aurélie Andrès

Why did you choose the name Oh Really!? 

This is a funny story actually! I was waiting for an Australian friend in a library. And I heard someone behind me saying "Oh really", happy that my friend finally managed to get my name right I turn my back and see that it's not her! We laugh about this story till these days, but she still calls me "Oralie".

What was the source of inspiration for the idea of stickers? 

All inspiration comes from my artistic work. You can find the same inspirations in my creations. Many colors and nature inspired themes. I adapt each design to the concept of the brand. Everyone can compose any design by themselves and just have fun.

Do you have a mantra? 

Trust yourself and keep going! 

What was the biggest challenge you faced when creating your own brand?

To keep enough time for my brand and don’t let « my main job » get the upper hand on this project. In fact, this project was only a challenge, to respond to this request! The concept has been very successful, but it’s not really easy to combine this project with all the other things. 

What lessons did you learn about launching your brand? 

That’s much harder than I thought. Managing everything is not that easy, but very rewarding!

If you could describe Oh Really! In three words, what would that be? 

Fun, Color, Freedom.

Do you have any favorite artists?

I'm really inspired by all Fauvism artists. I find myself in this mouvement, in the colors, the desire to escape and being inspired by the travels. But the main inspiration comes from my life experience. I always get some new ideas by looking at what surrounds me.

What are your plans for the future?

Many different cool projects are coming. I’m going to NY in the middle of July, where for the whole rest of summer I will paint a mural on a massive building. The month of September will more tropical, where I’ll be in Colombia in Sierra Art residency around Santa Marta. 

Many projects are planned to happen there, painting with kids on the streets and a workshop in a school in collaboration with the marker brand POSCA. Another project starting to be confirmed is with the association « PADDLE PADDLE charity project », where we’ll bring surfing boards to kids and organize some art workshops. So many new projects to get some inspiration for the new sticker design :)

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