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warning This is the programme from Playtime Shanghai latest session.
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Summer 2019 Edition
The sun is back, nature is budding, and we are ready for a METAMORPHOSIS. let’s open up to new ways of working together, sharing our values, learning from each other and having fun all at once!



invited on the 'Pathfinders' trend space

TOHU-BOHU is a graphic and textile creation duo formed by Lysandre Graebling and Lucile Bonnaud.
Their universe is expressed through the creation of fashion and interior design prints, but also through embroidery, scenography, and even the conception and running of graphic workshops for children (Musee de Poche, Centre Pompidou...) Together, they have created a poetic and naive art-like world combining delicacy and dreams.

For the Pathfinders trend, they have imagined an extraordinary herbarium mixing dried, embroidered and drawn vegetation, in the manner of a botanical chart.
It is a tribute to slowness, to those moments in childhood dedicated to the observation of nature, to the pleasure of collecting things and to the slow learning of ancestral techniques. A way to illustrate children's instinctive capacity to contemplate the world and to live at a rhythm which, increasingly, inspires their elders.


invited on the 'Fantasia' trend space

For more than 10 years ELSA DRAY-FARGES has developed a protean body of work made of colorful and joyful drawings and volumes tinged with a certain melancholy. She creates papier mache sculptures and bespoke installations for window displays and events in a lively way that is always profoundly connected to the art of storytelling.
Imaginary landscapes, floating villages, extraordinary animal masks, her sculptures and drawings burst with colors and fantasy and communicate an instantaneous joy.
Her clients are from diverse and varied backgrounds that include fashion (Hermès, Bonpoint, Tommy Hilfiger, Aesics), interior design (Anne-Claire Petit), the press (Télérama, Kid’s Wear, Grazia Casa, Psychologie Mag), and theatre (Les Possédés, l’Avantage du doute).

On the Fantasia trend space, Elsa's papier mache and painted masks will project strange and extraordinary shadows.


invited on the 'Press start' trend space

MOLISTUDIO is a 3D art direction and design boutique based in Buenos Aires, founded by passionate storytellers with a whimsical take on the everyday life. The team is, insistently, on the lookout for a deep color sense and a strong use of the metaphor; always aiming to find new excuses to celebrate the translation of ordinary life into the surreal while exploring the mesmerizing nature of this process.

An image from their Tennis series will illustrate the Press Start theme. Here, there are no rules other than to adhere to one principal: tennis was born to be graphical!

practical info

practical info

July 12—13, 2021

Expo-I Pavilion Shanghai, 世博创意秀场
No.498 BanSongYuan Road, Huanpu District, Shanghai.





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Expo-I Pavilion Shanghai, 世博创意秀场
No.498 BanSongYuan Road, Huanpu District, Shanghai.

By Taxi
Expo-I-Pavilion 世博创意秀场
No. 498 Bansongyuan Road. Huangpu District, Shanghai 上海市黄浦区半淞园路498号

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Venue information
Expo-I-Pavilion 世博创意秀场
No. 498 Bansongyuan Road. Huangpu District, Shanghai 上海市黄浦区半淞园路498号

Station:South Xizang Road 西藏南路地铁站
Line 4 & 8 4号线 & 8号线

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