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warning This is the programme from Playtime New York latest winter session.
Events for our February edition will be listed on Monday, January 4th.

Winter 2020 Edition
Playtime New York is 10 years old!
A decade of passionate work and enjoyment during which we have been committed to sharing our own vision of contemporary kid’s fashion and lifestyle in the U.S.

Based on the joy of childhood, this season's theme "BE HAPPY" takes us back to the energy and carefreeness we buried in our adulthood. let’s open up to new ways of working together, sharing our values, learning from each other and having fun all at once!


Allison O’Connor

invited on the 'Humble' trend space

Allison O’Connor is an installation artist who acts as an ecological interpreter and social art practitioner.  She is the steward of a large piece of wild land which was passed down to her through four generations. While living on this land, she has learned to work in collaboration with trees, bees, fungi, and more recently seeds. In response to the growing global movement to preserve seed and plant diversity, this installation celebrates seeds as coffers that encapsulate the wisdom of the past and the potential for the future.  
Allison O'Connor has exhibited her interactive installations in festivals across the UK and her home country of Canada.

On the Humble trend space, Allison will presents her installations in order to better reveal the story of a lifestyle that is a true commitment to the preservation of the planet and the future of humankind.

Sarah Philouze

invited on the 'Together' trend space

Sarah Philouze is a french installation artist based in New-York. Alongside a personal artistic production she engages in set design and installation projects within the fields of fashion, art, culture, and many more. Inspired by the numerous fractal and repeating patterns found in nature, she explore the concepts of essence and repetition.

By the artwork introducing the theme TOGETHER , Sarah will play with casual objects and turn it into a huge and colored landscape. Come and see the piece next to the restaurant area!
Instagram: @sarahphilouze

Bubi Canal

invited on the 'Strange' trend space

Bubi Canal (b. 1980, Spain) is a New York-based artist whose work deals with recurring themes of love, dreams, and hope. Focusing on photography and sculpture, Canal received a BFA from Bilbao’s University of the Basque Country. His work has appeared in New York magazine, the British Journal of Photography, and T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Exhibitions include shows at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Aperture Foundation in New York, and Benaki Museum in Athens. Canal was featured as Foam Talent in 2016.

On the Strange trend space, Bubi's vision will bring the non conformist characters to life, and will celebrate these dreamers and visionaries of this disturbing yet wonderful world.


This season Pirouette is celebrating and highlighting the cherished and the beloved, as well as the new!

As usual, they'll be on the lookout for emerging talents in the industry, but also celebrating and highlighting creativity and established talent at the show through the new One to Watch collection award :

  • One to Watch Label: eligible to young fashion labels exhibiting
  • One to Watch Collection: eligible to established labels fashion, design, accessories and toys

For this season’s One to Watch Awards AW20 / FW20 – the ‘power of scent’ forged a collaboration between Pirouette and The Society of Scent to develop Pirouette’s own fragrance designed to stimulate and focus the creative mind. The Award takes the form of an exquisitely printed porcelain cameo eyepiece infused with the Pirouette scent specifically created to aid the search for our ‘Ones to Watch’.
This original fragrance reflects Pirouette’s ideology with fresh citrus grapefruit, deep warm earth-toned mandarin and murmuring undertones of natural honey signifying cross-pollination for future life.

Results to discover live from the show on Sunday, February 9, at 5.30pm


Digital Marketing 411 – The Conversation Continues!
Winning Strategies to Build Your Brand Online

Last season we enjoyed a lively conversation with a host of experts on the topic of Digital Marketing and this season we will continue the conversation with the same experts who will offer their newest techniques for getting the attention of the world online and delve deeper into your questions. Using tools like Instagram, Facebook Messaging, Social Ads, Retargeting and more, we’ll explore what makes a successful digital campaign to build your brand and attract more clients to your online property or instore and increase your sales!
Our expert panel will include Imee Gusich from Wainscot Media; Natalya Hudis from Tea Collection; Jeannie Yoon from Cali-based boutique Jeannie N Mini; and Brooke Stewart, Marketing Director of MomTrends media. Bring your questions: our panel will allocate 20 minutes for questions, so it’s a great time to get yours answered!

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, February 11th at 8:00am promptly in the 2nd floor cafeteria.

Bonus! In celebration of Playtime New York’s 10th Anniversary, 10 lucky attendees will get a free consultation with Wainscot Media’s Imee Gusich.

location_onaisle F


A big photocall : big black and white customized poster, ready to be colored with a happy sentence:
« Playtime NY 10th anniversary, a Wonderfull adventure ! »
« Playtime NY 10th anniversary, let’s make the fashion world more colorful!»
« Playtime NY 10th anniversary, this is the American dream ! »
« Playtime NY 10th anniversary: we got bigger together »

location_onaisle F

Wall of Wishes!

Chalk wall ready to receive your wishes for the next 10 years ! Be creative and limitless !

location_onMetropolitan 1st floor

Free Chill Place

Free tea, coffee, cookies and yogourt for a relaxing break
Come celebrate our birthday at the space !


Due to the huge impact of the previous 2019 Instastudio, let’s take it to the next level by having a brand new concept of a small studio ready to highlight exhibitor’s most beautiful pieces !


location_onRestaurant area

Zoe Adlersberg

exploring the theme 'Humble'

Zoe Adlersberg is a photographer and director based between Paris and New York. She balances work with meditation, baking, yoga and writing. Zoe became a photographer after a brief stint in advertising in NYC. She moved to Paris where she's shot portraits for Interview Magazine, fashion for Elle, but motherhood brought a love of working with babies, kids, teens and families. Her clients includes brands such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Nautica, Oscar de la Renta, Dior and more. She strives for autheticity in her work - valuing honesty and connection with her subjects. Her personal work explores facets of being a woman - girlhood, motherhood, and aging. Zoe is passionate about supporting causes that empower girls and young adults.

location_onRestaurant area

Franck Malthiery

exploring the theme 'Together'

Franck Malthiery's photography captures the joyful spirit of children in its full spectrum. He lets kids be kids, from playful mischief to moments of quiet joy. Franck was raised south of central Paris where he studied at the École Estienne. Next he applied and was rejected from one of the most competitive art schools in France, but undaunted he decided to pursue photography on his own. His gamble paid off when he independently sold his photos from the Cannes Film Festival. Franck cemented his technical knowledge while assisting, and his talent earned him the role of Photographer to the French Prime Minister. Today, working mainly with kids, the parents of his young subjects love him because he keeps his cool at all times. The resulting images are elegant, spirited, evocative, and always full of charm.


location_onRestaurant area

Mark Andrew

exploring the theme 'Strange'

Mark Andrew has worked for over two decades as an art, fashion and commercial photographer and director. His ability to capture the honest and unguarded essence of the people in front of his lens has made him the choice of advertising agencies, magazines and commercial clients to photograph sports stars, top models, actors, musicians, everyday people and American Presidents. His photographs have been exhibited internationally and are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum.

practical info

practical info

August 1—3, 2021

Metropolitan Pavilion & The Altman Building, New York






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Metropolitan Pavilion & The Altman Building
between 6th & 7th Aves
135 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

Line 1
18 St

Please note : we will not be running shuttles this season.

warning Floor map for our next edition will be available on Tuesday, July 14th.
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