Playtime loves lifestyle labels, which is why we’ve decided to take our partnership with the deco webzine Design Hunger further! In addition to their founder, Grethel, curating a lifestyle trend space to inform buyers shopping at the show, she has selected 8 brands to award the first ever Design Hunger Prizes. Let her explain it all to you here!


“Hi, design lovers!

Playtime Paris is around the corner, and for this edition, we have a surprise… We are thrilled to introduce LES DESIGN HUNGER PRIZES. We have selected eight outstanding lifestyle brands from The Big Small Show  that each showcase a remarkable transformation. These brands have left an unforgettable impact by blending whimsical designs, comfort, sustainability, and functionality. With a deep commitment to quality, they craft pieces that ignite the imagination of our little ones, encouraging them to dream, explore, and embrace their individuality.”

— Grethel, Founder of Design Hunger


Best Toys & Leisure Brand

Winner: We are Gommu

We are Gommu is part of the TinyCottons family. They create stunning handmade rubber toys and accessories for kids that are stylish, bold and gender neutral! “Gommu” means rubber in Japanese and their stylish Gommu dolls reflect that unique style. They make everything by hand with great care, using eco-friendly materials and recyclable packaging, produced mostly in Europe. We are Gommu is a family-run company that focuses on making top-notch & environmentally conscious products. Their goal is to bring joy to kids and impress adults, too. They want to be seen as trendy and sophisticated, appealing to a wide audience. We adore their mini Gommu dolls designed especially for children!


Best Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

Winner: Nobodinoz

Nobodinoz is a leading sustainable baby and kids’ decor brand known for their timeless designs and commitment to using high-quality, eco-friendly materials. With locally-produced products in France, Spain and Germany, they prioritise craftsmanship and ethical practices. They also ensure that their fabrics are also woven, dyed, and printed sustainably in Barcelona, Spain. Their commitment does not stop there: the brand only uses rice paper or fabric for its packaging, recycled plastic, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and, it even repurposes old fabrics for mattress foam or pillows, making them an engaging and environmentally-conscious brand.


Best New Lifestyle Brand

Winner: Kidding Studio

Discover the magic of Kidding Studio, a children’s brand where kids’ rooms become havens of wonder and joy. With a focus on supporting local small manufacturers in Georgia, they are revolutionizing the way children and parents engage with their surroundings. From their meticulously crafted, playful products that ignite imagination to their commitment to safety through non-toxic ink and GOTS-certified organic cotton, Kidding Studio creates unforgettable memories while fostering sustainability and community growth.


Best Home & Decor Brand

Winner: Liewood

Liewood, the international children’s lifestyle brand, was born out of Anne Marie Lie Norvig’s passion for design and the belief that beauty resides in the details. Their innovative and functional products inspired by the rich traditions of Nordic design , range from toys and furniture to clothing and accessories. They are meticulously crafted with aesthetics, quality, and consciousness in mind. What sets Liewood apart is their remarkable ability to infuse ordinary day-to-day items with an aesthetic that both adults can appreciate and kids can enjoy. Their designs are timeless & imaginative, and can bring that extra touch of beauty you might have been searching for.


Best Wellness & Care Brand

Winner: Marelle

Marelle has a delightful selection of premium organic skincare products designed specifically for babies and children. Crafted in Switzerland, this product range was created by a mother in collaboration with a prestigious laboratory in Lake Geneva. From nature’s finest elements and Switzerland’s pristine environment, every product created is certified Cosmos Organic, ensuring the highest quality standards. With a remarkable 99% to 100% of ingredients derived from nature, their formulas are gentle and nourishing, making them suitable for even the most delicate skin types, right from birth.


Best Babygear & Parenthood Brand

Winner: Perifit

Perifit is a Parisian company and pioneering brand going beyond the typical feminine products, focusing on the well-being of women. They combine creativity and advanced technology to address perineum-related issues, raising awareness and helping women regain control of their bodies. Discover their extraordinary Kegel exerciser with an innovative double sensor probe, trusted by pelvic floor specialists. With affordable prices and revolutionary products like the breast pump and perineal rehabilitation probe, Perifit is dedicated to empowering women and positively transforming their lives.


Best Accessory Brand

Winner: Adorabili

Experience the artistry of Adorabili’s handcrafted children’s jewelry made in Paris, where traditional techniques blend seamlessly with contemporary designs. Every design is crafted from an original drawing to tell a story for the children to choose from. Adorabili’s commitment to sustainability shines through their use of recycled cardboard packaging, elevated with a touch of luxury through hot foil stamping, creating a harmonious connection with their exquisite jewelry.


The Big Design Prize Summer 2023

Winner: Colortherapis

Step into the vibrant world of ColorTherapis, where audacity, color, and aesthetics collide to create a truly unique experience for your interiors. Founded by Lavinia AUGEAI, this creative studio is a celebration of joy, imagination, and craftsmanship. With their hand-tufted wool rugs, cotton flat weave rugs, bath mats, and cushions, ColorTherapis brings a burst of color and artistry to your space, all designed in their Parisian studio and expertly produced in the Varanasi region of India. Get ready to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors and transform your home into a haven of artistic expression. We are in love with their hand tufted wool rugs!


Thank you so much to Grethel for this sneak peek at the winners of Design Hunger Prizes for Summer 2023! We can’t wait to head to Playtime Paris in just a bit over a week to meet the winners of the Design Hunger Prizes in person. Be sure to get your pass to meet these brands and hundreds more that offer everything from fashion to shoes, swimwear to parenthood, and so much more.


Keep an eye out for this sticker on the winners of the Design Hunger Prizes’ booths!

Design hunger prizes


Header image from Liewood
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship